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New Olympus "Dazzle View" Display Technology Projects Large, Scalable, Seamlessly Tiled, High-Definition Images.

November 8, 2000, Melville, NY – Olympus has closed the loop on professional digital imaging and photography by developing a proprietary “DAZZLE VIEW” display technology for a scalable, high-resolution, seamlessly tiled display system. This new “Dazzle View” technology combines projected images from multiple LCD Projectors into one large seamless image. The "Dazzle View" High Definition Display (HDD) system will be demonstrated at COMDEX 2000 in Las Vegas, November 13-17, Booth #L5935 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

With “Dazzle View” technology, over a hundred standard off-the-shelf projectors can be used to project bright, full color, high definition images onto a screen that is flat, arched, or domed and scalable from large to larger (theater screen size can easily be achieved). Each projector projects a portion (tile) of the source image. Each of the image tiles are then seamlessly stitched to create the dazzling view without loss of pixel density and brightness. A proprietary digital image-processing algorithm in combination with a unique imaging feedback system controls the image segmentation and combination to produce true image display fidelity with true virtual reality impact.

The Olympus “Dazzle View" technology can be configured for front and rear projection systems in configurable aspect ratios from square to panoramic formats. The system can display still images and motion video.

The Olympus “Dazzle View” technology overcomes the challenge of displaying ultrahigh resolution digital photographs captured by professional digital cameras. The Olympus C3030 and the new E-10 Digital SLR can capture digital photos with over 3 million and 4 million pixels respectively. “Dazzle View” can display these images in full fidelity displaying every single pixel in true color in full projected size.

With current display technology, high resolution (2 million pixels) is achieved by HDTV and computer CRTs in limited sizes, and ultrahigh resolution (over 4 million pixels) is still a challenge. Single LCD Projectors are limited in resolution, brightness, and size. Video walls consisting of a matrix of discrete CRTs are not seamless and are subject to complicated calibration and setup.

**The Olympus “Dazzle View” proprietary image processing algorithm and imaging feedback system spatially and chromatically (color saturation and hue) corrects the digital image data for seamless tiled displays. This technology can be adapted to facilitate the calibration and setup for video walls and reduce the setup time from days to minutes.

The Olympus “Dazzle View” technology demonstrated at COMDEX is configured in a system with the following specifications:

  • Size: 110” Diagonal Flat Screen
  • Aspect: 4:3
  • Brightness: Over 10,000 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: Over 4 million pixels
  • Projection Configuration: Rear Projection, 9 SVGA LCD Projectors – 3 H x 3 V

Visitors will be "Dazzled".

Systems created with "Dazzle View"” will be available in early 2001. Olympus is seeking interested display users, renters, distributors and end product development Partners.

Your contact at Olympus Booth #L5935 is: Mr. Luke Currier
Sales Support Engineer
Olympus America Inc.
Digital & Imaging Systems Group
Two Corporate Center Drive
Melville, NY 11747

For more information, call 631-844-5320; fax 631-844-5339; e-mail luke.currier@olympus.com or joseph.leo@olympus.com.