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Accura View Zoom series - Smart Viewfinder Makes its Mark with Ease and Affordability

Melville, NY - Olympus America is proud to introduce its smartest cameras, the Accura View Zoom. These fully automatic, compact-lens shutter cameras are available in two versions, the Accura View Zoom 90 QD and the Accura View Zoom 120 QD, and will make snapping pictures effortless and enjoyable.

Olympus is taking simplicity to the next level! Consumers will have now have the luxury of taking pictures with the help of an extra large, illuminated smart viewfinder, a unique feature to the lens shutter category. The smart viewfinder enables photographers to concentrate on their subject by superimposing the camera information into its field of vision. The viewfinder's illumination helps position the subject and frame the shot, thus allowing you to enjoy both daytime and nightime viewing without having to worry about your surrounding light. Additionally, the oversized viewfinder has an increased magnification up to 2x bigger than standard magnification to ensure easy operation and photographic flexibility.

The Accura View Zoom will capture all your memories with its impressive and versatile zoom lens and its high-quality Olympus features. The new viewfinder - similar to that of an SLR camera - displays the finder information, making picture taking easier and more convenient. The flash indicator appears when the flash is ready, the close-up correction mark creates a frame around the object, the autofocus mark can be used as a guide for focusing and the confirmation shutter release indicator ensures that no shots are missed. Together, this finder information will provide consumers with the ultimate combination of technology and simplicity. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about blurry vision because the real image viewfinder, in combination with the dioptric correction, will give you a view that is crystal clear.

The Accura View Zoom 90 QD has a compact 38-90mm zoom lens and is available in metallic silver, and the Accura View Zoom 120 QD has a compact 38-120mm zoom lens and comes in trend-setting champagne gold. The suggested list prices are $180 and $271, respectively, and will be available in March 2001 at specialty retail stores nationwide. Visit www.olympusamerica.com or call 800-622-6372 for more information on Olympus locations.

Main Features:

  • High-Performance 38-90mm and 38-120mm Zoom Lens - ensure outstanding image quality and have an extremely versatile range.
  • Illuminated Viewfinder - helps frame and take picture in both daytime and nighttime
  • Large, Easy-to-Use Viewfinder - includes magnification of 0.71 - 1.97 and delivers a bright and natural image
  • Multi-Function Flash - features 6 flash modes, including flash off, auto flash, red-eye reducing flash, fill-in flash, night scene flash and red-eye reducing night scene flash
  • Film loading - film automatically advances and rewinds at end of roll
  • Quartz Date - offers convenient date/time imprinting (quartz date model only)
  • Dioptric Correction - adjusts for individual vision requirements
  • Electronic Self-Timer - allows photographer to be included in group portraits

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