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Shoot for the Stars with the Longest Zoom Lens in the Stylus Family

Melville, NY - Just in time to celebrate Stylus' ten-year anniversary in 2001, Olympus America - long recognized for innovative design and high-performance products - introduces yet another extraordinary addition to its already extensive Stylus Family, the Stylus Epic Zoom 170. This ultra-compact, 38-170mm camera has the most powerful and longest zoom in the Stylus line, making it easier than ever for photographers to get up close and personal.

With sales exceeding 18 million cameras, Olympus continues to impress consumers and shows its commitment to the Stylus family by continually releasing new models with improved and unique features. The most recent additions to the famed camera line - the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 Deluxe and the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD - are certainly no exception to that rule. For the first time in a Stylus series camera, an Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass lens element is included to reduce color aberration to an absolute minimum at the telephoto. In addition, a glass aspherical element and hybrid aspherical lens element are used to ensure crisp, high-contrast imaging and enhanced sharpness, making the new Stylus Epic Zoom 170 lens the best in the series.

You will not have to worry about out of focus pictures with the new Advanced Combination Autofocus System. This newly developed focusing system combines the advantages of both active and passive dual autofocus systems, and assures an unprecedented level of focusing accuracy. Even when shooting extremely low-contrast subjects such as solid color clothes or skin tones, a person standing in front of a brightly-lit nightime background, the Stylus Epic Zoom 170's Advanced Combination Autofocus System ensures precise, accurate focus. This unique system integrates the active system that can be used properly among two autofocus auxiliary lights (infrared light emission diode/electronic flash) in compliance with each scene. In addition, the multi autofocus system recognizes the main subjects and brings them into focus even when they are slightly off-focus.

Like it's predecessors, the new Stylus Epic Zoom 170 is a stunning example of stylish sophistication in design. It's uniquely fluid ergonomics make this camera easy to use and hold and is further enhanced by the premium champagne-gold tones and highlights now extended to the lens barrel for an overall elegance unsurpassed. Despite it's robust 4.5x zoom, the highly contoured and ultra-compact camera is small enough to take everywhere measuring only 4.8 x 2.6 x 2.0 inches and weights in a mere 9.7 ounces. In addition, the all-weather construction, common to the entire Stylus camera line, provides reliable protection against rain and dust that you can count on. With the new Stylus Epic Zoom 170 there is no reason to let distance or weather get in the way of any photo opportunity.

With a full array of flash features including an intelligent variable-power flash system with exclusive auto color-balancing and red-eye reduction flash, the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 delivers unparalleled performance in virtually any lighting condition. The built-in flash automatically adjusts its intensity whether your subject is in low light, close-up, back lit or far away. The exclusive auto color-balancing flash ensures natural coloring in artificial light while the red-eye reducing modes will minimize the unsightly red-eye effect in both day and nightime scenes.

The viewfinder features an exit pupil diameter of 7-9mm (as opposed to about 4-6mm on most cameras), providing a clear, full-frame view that makes it easy to see the subject and compose each shot. Additionally, the Deluxe version has the proprietary Visual Confirmation Finder (VF), which alerts the photographer that the shutter has been released, by a momentary darkening of the finder image. This results in fewer mistaken shots and ends confusion as to whether a picture has been taken.

The new Stylus Epic Zoom 170 is a full performance compact zoom camera providing photographers with more versatility and zoom power than ever before available from Olympus, making it one of the most desirable new cameras in the market. Available in March 2001, the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 Deluxe will be sold in specialty retail stores nationwide, and the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD will be available in retailer outlets nationally for a suggested list price of $560 and $491 respectively.

Additional features of the Stylus Family include:

  • 38-170mm zoom lens - the most powerful and longest zoom lens in the Stylus family
  • Easy-to-use - fully automatic operation (autofocus, auto exposure, auto film loading and rewinding)
  • Advanced Combination Auto Focus System- automatically switches between Active mode and Passive mode for the ultimate in accurate focus
  • All-weather reliability - provides complete protection against rain, snow or sea spray
  • Red-eye reducing flash - the red-eye effect is reduced by a series of pre-flashes emitted before the main flash fires
  • Exclusive auto color-balancing flash - ensures natural coloring in artificial light
  • Quartz Date - offers convenient date/time imprinting
  • Diopter correction - adjusts for individual vision requirements
  • 12-second electronic self-timer - for self-portraits or group shots
  • Panorama - provides mid-roll dual format at the flick of the switch (on Deluxe model only)
  • Visual confirmation finder - momentarily darkens the finder image, alerting the photographer that the shutter has been released (on Deluxe model only)

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