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Olympus Announces High-Fidelity Display System - The VisionPlexTM HDPS-100

Melville, NY - Olympus America Inc., New Business Development Group, announced the VisionPlexTM HDPS-100 High Fidelity Display (HFD) System.

The VisionPlexTM HDPS-100 offers users a unique image composition and calibration system that brings nine projectors together to achieve a seamless 4 million pixel high-resolution display. The HDPS-100 will represent a new standard for museums, CAD designers, educational institutions, broadcasters, advertisers, and anywhere that demands high fidelity display.

With "VisionPlexTM" technology, over a hundred standard off-the-shelf projectors can be used to project bright, full color, high definition images onto a screen that is flat, arched, or domed and scalable from large to larger (theater screen size can easily be achieved). Each projector projects a portion (tile) of the source image. Each of the image tiles are then seamlessly stitched to create the seamless view without loss of pixel density and brightness. A proprietary digital image-processing algorithm, in combination with a unique imaging feedback system, controls the image segmentation and combination to produce true image display fidelity with true virtual reality impact.

With current display technology, high resolution (2 million pixels) is achieved by HDTV and computer CRTs in limited sizes, and ultrahigh resolution (over 4 million pixels) is still a challenge. Single LCD Projectors are limited in resolution, brightness, and size. Video walls consisting of a matrix of discrete CRTs are not seamless and are subject to complicated calibration and setup.

The VisionPlexTM HDPS-100 HFD System can be configured for front and rear projection in configurable aspect ratios from square to panoramic formats. The system can display still images and motion video. The VisionPlex HDPS-100 HDD will be available fourth quarter of 2001 for the price of $180,000.

Main Features

1. Large, Seamless, 100-inch Class Screen
On-board processors automatically divide image data across the projectors, controlling color, distortion and brightness to achieve one uniform, projection image. Combining images from nine projectors to create one seamless, 100-inch class display requires careful image composition and subtle adjustments of color nuance. The HDPS-100 employs a newly developed algorithm to accurately measure and instantaneously process colors.

2. Ultrahigh-resolution, Approximately 4-megapixel Display
The HDPS-100 combines nine SVGA 480,000 pixel projectors to achieve a high-resolution, approximately 4-megapixel display. Resolution is almost the double of that found on today's high end television sets. While conventional large-screen displays offer only coarse imaging that is not viewable at close distances, HDPS-100 images are beautifully rendered even at the distance as close as 30 cm.

3. Proprietary Calibration System Accelerates Installation and Adjustment
To this day, color and image adjustment used to be an all-day affair. Olympus's new calibration system accelerates it to less than an hour by using a remote-control to adjust a test pattern on the screen while photographing image data with an Olympus digital camera.

4. Theater-class Brightness
Each projector has 1,100 ANSI lumens that it uses to illuminate a small area of the screen, giving the full screen brightness of approximately 10,000 ANSI lumens, equivalent to theater projectors. The result is a display that provides vivid images for conferences and lectures without needing to dim the lights, making it easier for participants to take notes.

5. Original 3-level Screen Design
Olympus uses an original screen structure made up of a dispersion screen and two lenticular sheets that play the role of two lenses. This original design aids in high-resolution expression.

6. Wide Viewing Angle
The original screen design achieves smooth viewing (over) up to a 120-degree range.

For more information visit the VisionPlexTM HDPS-100 site, or contact: Olympus America, New Business Development Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY 11747-3157, ph: (631) 844-5000.

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