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New Olympus Theophylline, Cocaine Metabolite, Methaqualone, PCP, Propoxyphene

Melville, NY - The Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. has introduced new Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) and Drugs of Abuse (DAT) reagents. In ready-to-use liquid formulations, the new TDM (Theophylline) and DATs (Cocaine Metabolite, Methaqualone, PCP, Propoxyphene) feature 90-day to 60-day on-board stability with 14-day calibration stability on Olympus' full line of automated chemistry-immuno analyzers, including the AU400TM, AU600TM, AU640TM, and AU2700TM systems.

The new Olympus TDM and DAT reagents are bar coded, providing greater operator convenience by enabling automated on-board reagent management.

The full line of Emit® 2000 TDM reagents and Emit® II Plus DAT reagents are expected to be available in Olympus bar-coded packaging later this year. Olympus will also continue to distribute the full line of Emit® 1.0 TDM reagents in existing Syva packaging. Olympus TDM and DAT reagents are manufactured at a subsidiary of Dade Behring Inc., Syva Company, an ISO 9001-registered facility. Emit® is a registered trademark of Dade Behring Inc.

The Diagnostic Systems Group, a business unit of Olympus America Inc., provides innovative solutions that meet the high productivity demands of today's hospitals, integrated health care delivery networks, blood banks, reference labs, and pharmaceutical labs. More than 1 billion clinical chemistry tests are performed on Olympus analyzers in the U.S. annually.

For additional information, please contact Olympus America Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747-3157. Telephone: (631) 844-5000, fax: (631) 844-5692.

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