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Olympus Takes Digital Imaging "Mobile"

Melville, NY - Olympus America Inc., the world leader in film and filmless photography, today unveiled its CAMEDIA Mobile Digital Imaging Kit which will enable field professionals - in areas such as real estate, insurance and law enforcement - to capture and generate photo quality print, anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, Olympus is including its DS-150 digital voice recorder to add a digital audio capability to the kit.

The CAMEDIA Mobile Digital Imaging kit includes the CAMEDIA Brio Zoom D-150 digital camera with two 8MB SmartMedia removable memory cards; CAMEDIA P-200 portable instant photo printer; P-200 car power adapter, NiMH long-life rechargeable batteries and charger; carrying case and, the Olympus DS-150 digital voice recorder.

"Our kit represents the first ever, end-to-end portable and mobile digital imaging solution that combines ease of use, value and quality," said Brett Serxner, Marketing Manager, Vertical Markets, Olympus America Inc. "No longer will field professionals on the go need to turn to costly instant film or portable ink jet printers that yield inferior quality prints at slow speeds.

Our kit marries one of our most easy to use digital cameras with a continuous tone printer that yields photo quality prints in just 90 seconds. In addition, all the core components of the kit are extremely compact and will fit most briefcases, backpacks and camera bags, making it a true mobile imaging solution," he added.

The CAMEDIA Mobile Digital Imaging Kit was designed with the field professional in mind. For example, the kit enables residential real estate agents to instantly provide potential buyer's lasting impressions of the previewed house on the spot, and no scanning time for instant emailing once they return back to the office. In the fields of law enforcement and insurance, multiple hard copies of clear, high-quality images can be generated instantly right on the scene for documentation purposes by first responding officers, crime scene investigators and claims adjustors, while digital copies can be used for archiving and for easy emailing.

About Olympus
Olympus America distributes a wide range of products to the consumer, scientific, healthcare, commercial and industrial markets. These include film and filmless cameras, MicrocassetteTM and digital voice recorders, binoculars, film scanners, personal photo printers, medical and industrial endoscopes, biological and metallurgical microscopes and measuring instruments, clinical analyzers, and other high technology products. Olympus America is responsible for sales in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

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The Camera:
The kit's CAMEDIA Brio Zoom D-150 1.3 Megapixel camera is compact, measuring 4.4: W x 2.4" H x 1.3" D and weighing 6.5 oz. and easy to use. Features include 3x optical/6x digital zoom, automatic flash, white balance and Olympus' exclusive TruePic pixel smoothing technology that ensures exceptionally sharp, continuous-tone color.

The Printer:
The CAMEDIA P-200 Portable Instant Photo Printer can generate images directly from the SmartMedia removable memory cards used by the CAMEDIA Brio Zoom D-150 or it can be hooked up to a PC. Measuring just 4.8" wide x 6" long, the P-200 is the only portable printer to offer photo-quality, continuous-tone, 4-pass dye-sublimation printing.

The Voice Recorder:
The DS-150 is a slim, easy-to-use digital voice recorder that can capture more than 2 ½ hours of voice input in its 8 MB of internal memory. It comes with the award-winning IBM ViaVoice speech recognition software for easy speech-to-text conversion in a PC.

The kit comes complete with a 75-watt car power adapter for the P-200 Portable Instant Photo Printer, as well as NiMH long life rechargeable batteries and a home charger for the Brio Zoom D-150 camera. A digital gadget bag makes it easy to pack up and take on the road.