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New Line of Cameras in the Best-Selling Stylus Series
Introduced by Olympus

MELVILLE, N.Y. (February 18, 1999)—Olympus America inc. is announcing a new line of cameras in the very popular 35mm Stylus Series. The new cameras are the Stylus Zoom 140QD-CG, Stylus Zoom 115 QD-CG, Stylus Epic Zoom 80 QD-CG, and Stylus Epic QD-CG. The Stylus series has been a phenomenal success in the photographic industry with more than 10 million units old since its introduction in 1991.

Each camera in this new line is designed with a champagne gold finish, is lightweight, compact, weatherproof and has a quartz date feature. Consumers love the beautifully styled, ultracompact shape and wealth of sophisticated features offered in the Stylus camera series.

These stylish compact cameras offer of variety of features including: multi-flash modes, auto flash with red-eye reduction, auto film load, advance and rewind, spot metering, self-timer, and spot-metering.

The Stylus Design

Olympus engineers have always emphasized product design. The striking design of these cameras has also contributed to the Stylus Series' outstanding operability and performance.

Earning high marks for the Stylus product concept, this combination of form and function has driven the remarkable worldwide popularity of the series. Not only stylish, the flowing contours fit comfortably in the hand so the feel is balance and stable. The sliding lens barrier on these cameras securely covers the lens when it is closed, creating a clean surface that enhances both the aesthetic appeal and portability.

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