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Olympus Introduces the DP10 Digital Microscope Photography System - Establishing New Standards in Digital Photomicrography

Melville, NY—Olympus America Inc., Precision Instrument Division announces the DP10, an all-digital microscope photography system. Attaching easily to any microscope through a C-mount, the DP10 digitally captures, stores and prints high-resolution images for a wide range of uses from digital lab reporting to quality assurance to process documentation. The superior 1.4 million pixel, 2/3" CCD captures high resolution 1280x1024 images in 24-bit color.

A convenient built-in 1.8" LCD preview screen on the camera body provides live image previews, eliminating the need for a monitor. A remote handset controls all camera functions including exposure, resolution selection, printing, erasing and accessing the on-screen menu of options.

A defining feature of the DP10 is the use of 3.3V SmartMedia memory cards, allowing for easy direct image recording with no PC. The 8 MB SmartMedia card can store up to 100 images (in Standard Quality mode) and each image can be instantly viewed on the LCD screen or reproduced on any PC.

There are three resolution modes on the DP10 SPQ (Super High Quality), HQ (High Quality), and SQ (Standard Quality). Images are stored as JPEG files.

Using the new Olympus P-300, 300 dpi dye-sublimation digital printer, the DP10 provides direct and precise print capability. Images can be printed directly to the P-300 printer resulting in advanced print quality that rivals conventional photos, or sent to a PC.

The DP10 incorporates an exposure body and handset control, and mounts to the microscope using a standard C-mount, providing simple attachment to virtually any instrument.

For more information about the cost-effective DP10 Microscope Digital Photography system and the P-300 Digital Printer, contact Olympus America Inc., Precision Instrument Division at 1-800-446-5967, or e-mail to: micro@olympus.com.