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A New Generation of SLR Performance from Olympus

Melville, New York - Olympus, the pioneers of smart, innovative Single Lens Reflex cameras, announces the arrival of the new IS-5 Deluxe. Following a line of successful models in the IS series, the IS-5 Deluxe has the most powerful zoom in any 35mm SLR offered from Olympus and was developed after strong demand from photographers around the world wanting a high-performing all-in-one camera.

A leader in optics for over eighty years, Olympus created the IS-5 Deluxe, a sleekly designed camera, with multi-coated, precision optical glass for maximum clarity and sharpness. The lens has ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass elements for the sharpest results possible. The high-performance 28~140mm 5x zoom lens gives photographers more flexibility and versatility than ever before. The zoom lens provides varied focal lengths from 28mm wide-angle to 140mm telephoto.

Consumers look to the IS-5 Deluxe for its compact design. Photographers need not worry about excess baggage since the IS-5 Deluxe is a compact all-in-one camera eliminating the need to carry additional lenses, flashes and other equipment. Instead, users have more creative freedom in an array of situations, even in panoramic scenes.

With the Direct Mode Select Button, photographers can take advantage of different capabilities for different photo opportunities. For example, Full Auto Mode responds to any situation automatically; Stop Action Mode automatically freezes a subject at the fastest shutter speed (up to 1/2000 per second) to ensure that the subject remains in focus; Portrait Mode works in conjunction with the flash system enabling the foreground subject to be emphasized by automatically selecting the largest aperture be achieved which creates a distraction from any objects in the background from the main subject; Night Scene Mode creates a balance of light for all subjects in the photo by automatically reducing shutter speed and activating an appropriate flash system; and Landscape Mode enables the clearest images be captured either in nature or with a large group.

Additional modes allow users to strive and achieve for even more creative options. Aperture-Priority AE mode gives users the opportunity to control depth of field by choosing aperture speed while the camera determines shutter speed. However, in Shutter-Speed Aperture, ideal for fast action shots, the photographer chooses the shutter speed and the camera determines what aperture suits the shutter speed. Manual Mode ensures complete freedom for the photographer who can determine shutter speed and aperture setting.

A smart camera needs a smart flash system and the IS-5 Deluxe meets that challenge. A twin flash system offers flash capabilities for both wide-angle and telephoto shots. The twin flash system responds to the zoom setting. Additionally, the Intelligent Variable-Power Flash System works according to what mode the camera is in, the distance of the subject and the amount of artificial light present. The camera responds to artificial light with the Auto Color-Balancing Flash system that automatically detects and responds to fluorescent light. Super FP Flash is an added bonus providing flash synchronization at shutter speeds up to 1/2000 sec. In various modes including Portrait and Aperture-Priority Mode. The IS-5 Deluxe also has Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in Flash Mode and Auto Flash making the IS-5 Deluxe one of the most versatile cameras available.

Easy to read icons on a large LCD panel on the back of the IS-5 Deluxe camera makes determining the camera's mode and shot parameters easy, as well as the state of the camera's battery life. Comfort for an individual user is easy to achieve with the dioptric adjustment that can be changed depending on preference. The current date and time can be imprinted on the back of photographs. Additional impressive features include spot metering, continuous shooting of up to 1.2 frames per second, optional infrared remote control and exposure compensation of +/-2EV that can be set in 1/2-step increments. For the ultimate group and landscape shots, flip the switch to the Panorama Mode. The viewfinder gauges the panorama marks so that the photographer can concentrate on the shot. The IS-5 Deluxe also offers a self-timer with a 12-second delay.

Olympus has created something to be proud of and wonderful to use. All IS-5 Deluxe specifications are outlined below. Olympus invites you to learn more about the IS-5 Deluxe and the may other innovative products from Olympus at http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_film_is.asp

IS-5 Deluxe MSRP: $449.00

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