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Jack H. Ladenson, Ph. D., Honored With AACC Award

(July 10, 2002) Melville, NY - Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group today announced that Jack H. Ladenson, Ph.D., Division of Laboratory Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, has received the AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a Selected Area of Research.
This award recognizes Dr. Ladenson for his work in developing new tools for detecting cardiac damage and demonstrating their value to patient care. His laboratory at Washington University developed the quantitative assay for the MB isoenzyme of creatine kinase (CK-MB) based on the monoclonal antibody Conan-MB. This antibody is now the basis for almost all of the commercially available assays for CK-MB.

Dr. Ladenson is Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Professor of Clinical Chemistry in Medicine, and Associate Director of the Division of Laboratory Medicine. He is also on the staff of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis. His work with CK-MB started nearly 20 years ago in collaboration with fellow faculty member David N. Dietzler, Ph.D. and other researchers. Their efforts have led to new criteria for the diagnosis of heart attacks and an appreciation of the spectrum of acute coronary syndromes.

Dr. Ladenson has received numerous awards during his career, including the AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions in Education, the Certificate of Honor from the New Jersey Section of the AACC, the Distinguished Scientists Award of the Clinical Ligand Assay Society, the Manitoba Society of Clinical Chemistry Lectureship Award, the AACC award for Outstanding Contributions in Clinical Chemistry, the Bernard Gerulat Memorial Award of the New Jersey Section of the AACC, and the Gerald T. Evans award from ACLPS.

His research continues to focus on the assessment of cardiac and other diseases. He spends an increasing amount of time in activities related to his role as Director of Clinical Pathology Programs for Pathologists Overseas, Inc., an organization dedicated to improving pathology and clinical laboratory services in developing countries.

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