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Olympus Launches the IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope System

MELVILLE, NY, April 29, 2002 -- The Scientific Equipment Group of OLYMPUS AMERICA, INC. launches the IX81 motorized inverted microscope system for advanced imaging and research applications. The system features an internal motorized Z-drive, objective nosepiece and lightpath selector. Several motorized accessories can be added including condensers, filter cube turrets with analyzers, shutters for transmitted and reflected illuminators and filter wheels. Motorized functions can be accessed via a touch pad, personal computer or conveniently located buttons on the microscope frame. These controls can also be custom programmed to meet any researchers needs. The system is compatible with a broad range of software available through Olympus as well as other vendors. In addition to full digital control, the IX81 also offers superior optical and mechanical performance necessary for advanced imaging, analysis and live cell / time lapse applications.

The IX81 features a unique, two-tiered, V-shaped optical design, providing access to 9 input/output ports. The single reflection V-light path and improved apochromatic relay lens maintain the highest possible image intensity and optical correction level, making fluorescence images brighter than ever.

Up to four ports on the IX81 can have simultaneous access to a primary image. The optional upper and lower rear ports facilitate the mounting of cameras or laser scan heads while keeping the sides of the microscope free for additional equipment. All IX frames accept the Olympus Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) illuminator and objectives without having to modify the microscope frame or stage height. Olympus introduced a specific TIRF objective in 1998 and the new illuminator maintains our leadership role in this exciting area of microscopy.

The frame stability of the IX81 is improved through its modular design and use of an external power supply, reducing heat generation and thermal expansion. Its frame also features a narrower design and smaller footprint, facilitating the mounting of accessories when workspace is at a premium. The frame also incorporates a choice of a 1.6x or 2.0x magnification changer, offering increased magnification to the eyepieces and cameras without having to change objectives. A confocal system can be added for multi-channel laser scanning microscopy.

Additional optical features, such as an improved straight illuminator, help increase fluorescence brightness by 20%. The motorized six-position fluorescence turret enhances operation during multi-color, multi-excitation applications. A new Relief Contrast condenser and objectives provide contrast and 3D illumination effects for specimens in plastic vessels. New objectives feature a focus-free correction collar that maintains objective focus during adjustment. The Olympus TIRF illuminator and the 60x, NA:1.45 and the 100x, NA:1.65 objectives offer the easiest setup and greatest control of the evanescent excitation wave.

To learn more about the Olympus IX81 inverted microscope or other OLYMPUS products contact: Olympus America Inc., 2 Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747; Phone: 1-800-455-8236; E-mail: olympusseg@econnextions.com; or visit our website at www.olympusamerica.com.