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Olympus Introduces the IX51 Inverted Microscope for Live Cell Studies and Cellular Injection


MELVILLE, NY, April 29, 2002 -- The Scientific Equipment Group of OLYMPUS AMERICA, INC. introduces the IX51 inverted microscopy system for practical convenience and cost-effective performance for live cell study, in vitro fertilization and other cellular injection applications. Improved optics, compact design and the ability to accommodate a large variety of sample vessels enhance performance over previous models.

The modular frame of the IX51, with its smaller footprint, more rigid frame and externally located power supply is a significant improvement over previous inverted microscopes, reducing focus drift and electrical noise that could adversely affect long-term observations. The IX51 frame also accommodates a wide range of culture and specimen containers making observation even easier and more convenient. It also enables easy attachment of multiple items such as manipulators, video and digital camera systems, or a second light source.

The improved ergonomic design of the IX51 features upfront controls, and the centering-free common phase annulus for 10x – 40x eliminates the need for adjustment. The IX51 also features improved optics. Image brightness for fluorescence is increased and applications such as DIC and phase contrast are further enhanced. In addition, a variety of objectives were precisely engineered in order to compensate for the spherical aberrations caused by the different thicknesses of specimen containers.

The modular configuration designed by Olympus enables laboratories to custom-select a system that is best suited to their individual requirements. When compared to previous models of inverted microscopes, it provides a system that offers both increased performance and lower cost.

To learn more about the Olympus IX51 inverted microscope or other OLYMPUS products contact: Olympus America Inc., 2 Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747; Phone: 1-800-455-8236; E-mail: olympusseg@econnextions.com.

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