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Olympus Announces New, Enhanced PK7200 Thresholds for Conventional ABO Reagent Red Blood Cells

Orlando - (American Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting) Oct. 26, 2002.

Enhancing its line of timesaving solutions, Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group today announced improved flexibility for plasma ABO testing on the Olympus PK7200 analyzers.

Olympus has validated a new set of thresholds for use with the conventional Reagent Red Blood Cells (RBC) used for ABO plasma testing. Conventional RBC are sourced from donor EDTA samples, donor units or from commercial RBC used for manual testing. The new thresholds provide result interpretation rates similar to the rates obtained with the original parameters, but now additional threshold limits improve the ability of the instrument to detect error conditions, such as dispensing errors.

The new thresholds also complement the Olympus PK Reagent Red Blood Cells. These reagents differ from conventional RBC in that they are manufactured specifically for the PK7200 to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and require no user preparation. They are packaged in 55 mL vials rather than the10 mL vials used for manual commercial RBC. The new thresholds for conventional RBC are identical to the thresholds approved for use with the Olympus PK RBC. By allowing the same set of thresholds to be used for both types of RBC reagents, during routine operation the operator can easily switch between these reagents without the need to reprogram the PK7200 and perform validation.

The FDA with both conventional RBC as well as the Olympus PK RBC has cleared the new thresholds for use. These new thresholds will make the PK7200 and the Olympus PK RBC reagents easier to use and will improve process control when testing with conventional RBC. Complementary ABO antisera have already been cleared by the FDA for use on the PK7200. The availability of Rh antisera pre-qualified for use on the PK7200 instrument is anticipated by early 2003, subject to FDA clearance.

For additional information, please contact Candace Williams, Director/Immunohematology Systems, Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group, at (800) 628-7152, ext. 2681. Fax: (972) 432-9532. Email: Candace.Williams@olympus.com

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