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Olympus Announces the Stylus Select 105 High-Performance 38-105mm Zoom Film Camera

October 31, 2002, Melville, NY -- Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to announce the Stylus Select 105, the most compact and stylish Stylus model ever created. The Stylus Select 105 is perfect for the photographer who wants fabulous up-close or distance photos and needs a camera that can fit demurely into a shirt pocket or dazzle in the spotlight. The sleek all-metal and all-weather body, combined with the high-performance 38 - 105mm zoom, truly unites performance with eye-catching style.

Olympus continues to innovate by setting new standards for the 35mm point-and-shoot market with the development of the Stylus Select 105, the latest super-star in the family of Stylus compact 35mm cameras. The super compact Stylus Select 105 is made from durable metals that lend the camera an elegant and powerful look. Its chic and durable all-metal clamshell-designed body is slim and trim enough to fit in a shirt pocket, so it's the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants to capture the moment without the hassle of lugging a ton of gear.

But don't be fooled by the camera's small size; the Stylus Select 105 comes with fully automatic auto exposure, auto film loading and rewinding, and its small form factor packs a powerful 105mm zoom lens. Its user-friendly functionality means that photographers can just pull back the clamshell barrier and begin to create masterpieces.

Olympus has achieved the technically difficult feat of making a metal-body camera stand-up to the elements. The all-weather metal construction of the Stylus Select 105 protects it against rain, sleet or snow for use in even the harshest conditions. The sliding clamshell protects the lens from dust and sand on the beach or the slopes.

The Stylus Select 105 is equipped with Auto Color Balancing variable power flash so it only uses as much flash as it needs to light the subject. This added intelligence eliminates the greenish hue cast from fluorescent lighting and helps ensure longer battery life.

Top Features of the Stylus Select 105 include:

  • Ultra-compact metal body for a stylish, authentic look and feel (it's the world's smallest camera with a 3x zoom and range to 105mm)
  • High-performance 38-105 mm 3x zoom lens with ED glass lens element
  • All-weather for care-free use in inclement weather
  • Newly developed 11-point multi-wide advanced combination autofocus system for ultra-precise autofocusing
Main Features

High-Performance 38 - 105mm 3x zoom lens with ED Glass Element
The lens configuration of the Stylus Select 105 is made up of 7 groups and 8 elements. To minimize color aberration, it incorporates an extra-low dispersion lens that is often used in interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras. The Stylus Select boasts two high-performance aspherical lenses, which help to produce high-definition images with extremely low distortion and excellent depth and contrast. Proof that good things do come in small packages.

Ultra-Compact Metal Body
The film feed path, from the patrone compartment to the take-up spool, has been totally redesigned in the new compact Stylus Select 105, making the battery compartment part of the back cover. These, and other ingenious innovations, have delivered dimensions of 4 X 2.2 X 1.7 inches and a weight of 7.4 ounces making the Stylus Select 105 the world's smallest camera with a 3x zoom and a range up to 105 mm. The front and rear covers, the slide barrier and lens frame are all made from high-grade aluminum, which has been finished using a special polishing process normally used for a high-quality cosmetics containers. This attention to detail creates a unique luster that gives the Stylus Select 105 a superb sense of quality and luxury. The central part of the body is made of stainless steel, an extremely rigid material selected for its durability and reliability. By continuing the "Wave Style" tradition of the Stylus Series, Olympus has created a metal-body camera that combines beauty, elegance and functionality.

Advanced Combination AutoFocus System
The multi-autofocus function of the Stylus Select 105 allows the user to focus on 11 points, thus eliminating out-of-focus images by ensuring that the subject is always correctly recognized at all zoom ranges, from wide-angle to long-distance. The Stylus Select 105 also encompasses an advanced combination AF function that includes active autofocusing. This system ensures precise focusing even in dark or low-contrast situations where conventional focus systems fail. The 11-point multi-wide advanced combination autofocus system uses both passive and active AF functions. Simply select the image in the clear, easy-to-see viewfinder and press the shutter to achieve precision focusing under all photographic conditions.

Other Features

  • Bright, highly visible viewfinder
  • Intelligent flash system makes beautiful flash photography simple
  • Remote control unit allows shutter to be released from up to 16.4 feet away
  • A variety of interchangeable shooting modes to enhance the fun of photography
Note to Editors: photos and specifications of Stylus Select 105 are available from Mullen Public Relations. (978) 468-8927 or Olympus at (631) 844-5321.

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