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Olympus Announces Stylus 100 Wide with High-Performance 28-100 mm Range

October 31, 2002, Melville, NY -- Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to announce the Stylus 100 Wide. The latest compact camera from Olympus delivers the widest-angle photos from the smallest package yet. The Stylus 100 Wide is the ideal camera for graduates or families who are interested in taking professional-looking photos without the worry of manual controls and lighting issues. Equipped with a powerful, 28 - 100 mm 3.6x zoom lens and an intelligent Autofocus and Auto Exposure system, the Stylus 100 Wide is stylish and exceptionally easy to use, whether it's an up-close shot of a statue or a wide-angle view of the Tuscan countryside.

The Stylus 100 Wide is packed with all the features that have made the Stylus family the best-selling camera in America. With fully automatic autoexposure, auto film loading and rewinding and the widest-angle lens in a sleek compact package, the Stylus 100 Wide has an intellectual mind of its own. Fluid ergonomic styling and lightweight design mean capturing wide angles or group shots has never been more convenient.

The all-weather construction of the Stylus 100 Wide protects the camera and photos from rain, sleet, snow and dust. The award-winning, Olympus original clamshell barrier design, means travelers can toss this camera in their backpack or purse and never worry about scratching the lens with sand and dust. Photographers simply pull back the sliding cover and decide whether they want to take a wide-angle or telephoto shot. Weather durability means the Rockies in a thunderstorm can be as breathtaking in the photos as when it was photographed.

The versatile flash modes of the Stylus 100 Wide guarantee that when the sun goes down the photography fun doesn't stop. The sophisticated flash system offers six separate modes to enhance both indoor and outdoor subjects. Those dim restaurant booths are no longer an impossible shot when the Stylus 100 Wide is a guest.

Top Features of the Stylus 100 Wide include:

  • High-performance 3.6x zoom lens system with 28 mm - 100 mm range for all shooting situations - from wide to telephoto
  • Newly developed 11-point multi-wide passive AF system to recognize the main subjects and bring them into focus, even when they are slightly blurred in wide-angle shots
  • New 3-way AE system for optimal exposure in a wide range of shooting situations
  • Sophisticated and elegant compact body design
Main Features

28mm - 100mm Range for all Shooting Situations
The 3.6x 28mm - 100 mm wide-angle zoom lens system of the Stylus 100 Wide, provides powerful performance in a miniature size. The Stylus 100 Wide is ideal for landscapes, which are frequently photographed with a wide angle. The 28mm setting on the Stylus 100 Wide provides impressive results in diverse shooting environments. Whether it's tall buildings or expansive landscapes, the zoom range of 100mm lends versatile support for any situation, including portrait photography.

Newly Developed 11-Point Focusing System
The Stylus 100 Wide is equipped with the 11 points multi-wide passive autofocus system, which uses a newly-developed autofocus sensor for more precise distance measurement. Priority was given to achieving the highest possible resolution in the design of the high-performance 28mm - 100mm zoom lens. These features make wide-angle photography easier and more enjoyable than ever before. The Stylus 100 Wide was developed as a standard zoom camera with emphasis on both basic camera functionality and ease of use for a broad range of users.

New 3-Way AE system for Optimal Exposure
The Stylus 100 Wide features a newly developed 3-way AE system with three types of optical sensors for optimal exposure in varying shooting situations:

1.3-point amorphous silicon sensor
This is the main exposure sensor. This sensor has a sensitivity level extremely close to that of the human eye. It precisely measures the subject's exposure to properly light all levels from minimal to intense. The amorphous silicon sensor controls exposure setting and detects backlighting by comparing brightness at the center of the image and the periphery.

2.Infrared sensor
This sensor measures infrared light across the entire image and compares the data with the output from the amorphous silicon sensor to detect fluorescent lighting and other forms of artificial illumination.

3. Exposure Measurement Using 11-Point AF Sensor
This system can automatically assess backlighting on a dark main subject by comparing the brightness of the subject area with the brightness from the 3-point amorphous silicon sensor.

Compact Body Design
The unique beauty of the Stylus series body design is a blend of soft contours and sharpness that clearly conveys quality and presence. The Stylus 100 Wide represents a new stage in the evolution of this design concept, which has attracted users throughout the world. Olympus's development goal was to create a camera that would be a joy to own and use, thanks to a combination of advanced camera functions and an enhanced design based on elegant streamlines. The new camera fits perfectly in the hand, and every feature, including the lens barrier system, is designed for ultimate ease of use. These advanced features have been unobtrusively packaged into a simple, yet, elegant body that is compact and slim for ultimate portability.

Other Features

  • Worry-Free Weatherproofing - Protects against rain, snow or splashing
  • Auto Color-Balancing Flash System - Ensures natural lighting, even in photographs taken in artificial light
  • Landscape Mode - Photos taken of distant scenery are always sharp and clear
  • Dioptric Correction - Dioptric correction of -2 to +1 per meter is built in to compensate for any eyesight problem
  • Remote Control - Allows shutter to be released from up to 5 meters away
  • Spot Mode - Ensures accurate focusing and exposure for the main subject, regardless of the surrounding light
  • Focus Lock - Locks subject into sharp focus while the photographer adjusts the composition
Note to Editors: photos and specifications of Stylus 100 Wide are available from Mullen Public Relations. (978) 468-8927 or Olympus at (631) 844-5321.

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