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New Olympus Stylus Film Cameras Combine Big Zoom Punch with Super-Compact Bodies

- Stylus 105 and 120 Offer High-Performance Optics, Revolutionary Camera Shake Indicators, All-weather Durability

Melville, New York, March 2, 2003 - Olympus, the leading manufacturer of point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, today introduced two new additions to the world-renowned Stylus family of film cameras: the Stylus 105 and the Stylus 120. Allowing the users to get amazing picture results every time, these two new cameras offer additional zoom capabilities: 38-105mm and 38-120mm respectively - and improved lens technology that assures crystal clear image quality whether the subject is close-up or far away, every time. State-of-the-art optics housed within sleek, super-compact, all-weather durable camera bodies deliver unrivaled performance and style recognized as Olympus Stylus trademarks the world over.

Recognizing that not everyone is a natural photography legend like Ansel Adams, Olympus designed these cameras to appeal to people who choose to focus on the excitement of shooting pictures rather than working with manual controls. Designed to be instinctively easy to use, the Stylus 105 and 120 have sophisticated automatic features built-in to get subjects in perfect focus, automatically adjust shutter speeds if shaking is indicated, and allow users to move on to the next adventure.

From the moment these cameras are in their hands, users will realize that Olympus engineers have created a truly ergonomic design. Soft to the touch and with curves that allow the camera body to comfortably fit in the palm, the design of these cameras' bodies hides their complexity within a flawlessly sleek, simple exterior.

Both cameras incorporate a new Camera Shake Indicator that, when activated, alternately flashes a indicator light next to the viewfinder to let the user know that the camera must be steadied in order to capture a clear picture. If the camera is not sufficiently steadied when the shutter is released, the camera automatically selects a faster shutter speed (smart-selected in relation to the film speed) to reduce the possibility of blur as much as possible.

The traditional compact stylish design of the Stylus series extends one step further with these new cameras that provide impressive zoom lenses on bodies sleek enough to hide in a pocket and elegant enough to be seen at the most sophisticated events. The Stylus 105 and 120 can be operated with just one hand, making on-the-go shooting simple. Pull it out of your pocket, slide the clamshell lens barrier open with one finger to activate the camera, the lens automatically extends, and you are ready to shoot.

For the past ten years Olympus has been manufacturing Stylus film cameras that are all-weather, a signature feature this Olympus brand has become recognized for around the world. The Stylus 105 and 120 cameras carry forward this gold-standard tradition, granting their owners peace-of-mind when they drop their camera in that 12 inches of new powder on the ski trip, or get drenched by that rogue wave that came out of nowhere when they were shooting dolphins off the bow.

The Stylus 105 and 120 are cameras built to exceed expectations from the moment they emerge from their boxes, presenting their owners little choice other than to focus only on the fun of taking great pictures. Always striving to deliver on their commitment of making "Nothing impossible," the new Olympus Stylus cameras are next-generation improved, setting new standards in performance and style.

Powerful zoom lens systems on both cameras provide high performance in a miniature size. Even when extended all the way to 120mm, the Stylus 120 can produce razor-sharp close-ups of distant subjects, making it the clear camera of choice for photographers who often shoot candid portraits from farther away. A newly developed 11-point multi-wide passive Auto Focus system provides these cameras with the ability to identify the main subject in a wide-angle shot and bring it into focus even if it is slightly off-focus when the shutter is depressed.

New Intelligent Features of the Stylus 105 and 120 include:

  • Camera-Shake Indicator prompts user to steady camera when shake is detected and automatically selects a faster shutter speed to reduce image blur.
  • Newly developed 11-point multi-wide passive AutoFocus system recognizes off-center subjects and adjusts accordingly for superior detail in a variety of compositions.
  • New 3-way Advanced Auto Exposure system features 3 unique optical sensors to help recognize and overcome difficult backlight and indoor light conditions.
Other Features include:
  • Worry-Free All-weather design protects against rain, snow or splashing
  • Auto Color-Balancing Flash System ensures natural lighting effects shot under unnatural lighting conditions
  • Landscape Mode ensures shots taken of distant scenery are always sharp and clear
  • Sophisticated Flash System intelligently reduces red-eye, ensures natural skin tones, and more
  • Remote Control allows shutter to be released from up to 16.4 feet away
  • Focus Lock feature keeps subject in sharp focus while the photographer adjusts the composition
The Stylus 105 and Stylus 120 will be available in March of 2003.

U.S. Pricing
Stylus 105 - Street Price: $129.95
Stylus 105 - SRP: $195.00

Stylus 120 - Street Price: $149.95
Stylus 120 - SRP: $225.00