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Olympus Introduces the D1000 Digital Voice Recorder for Professionals with IBM® VIAVOICE™

The D1000 Digital Voice Recorder with IBM ViaVoice transcription is now shipping. It includes a customized version of IBM's acclaimed ViaVoice speech recognition software and one 2MB miniature card. The D1000 allows unlimited voice recording for professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and business people who need to record large amounts of information. The recordings can then be downloaded into a computer through the included 2MB miniature card or with additional 2 and 4MB cards. The included PCMCIA adapter and serial cable make downloading easy.

IBM's ViaVoice allows the downloaded recording to be converted into text. The user can dictate into the D1000 Digital Voice Recorder anywhere and then convert his or her voice to text by simply inserting the D1000's flash memory card into a laptop computer. The solution extends the productivity benefits of speech recognition to mobile professionals and others who want the freedom of a "virtual office."

Users can record and edit with complete freedom, and make deletions or insertions at will. Individual sound files can be accessed without rewinding or fast-forwarding, and can instantly be played back or downloaded to a laptop or desktop PC operating in Windows 95 environment. The user can also lock files individually to protect them from accidental erasure.

ViaVoice features a basic US English vocabulary of 22,000 words, which can be expanded to 64,000 words. Accuracy increases with use, because the system learns from the user. ViaVoice lets you speak without pausing between words, and can convert standard mode sound files to text at speeds up to 125 words per minute. Created text can be exported to most word processors for editing and formatting.

"The D1000 is designed specifically for mobile use," said Keith Swiderski, product manager, D1000, Olympus America, Digital & Imaging Systems Group. "The Olympus D1000 with IBM ViaVoice transcription system will change mobile communications. This system is the ideal solution for people on the go and it heralds a new era in mobile communication. Its use not only accelerates work processes, but also increases productivity."

The D1000 will be shipped with a cable, DSS Player software with a customized Olympus version of IBM ViaVoice Gold, a 2MB Flash Memory Miniature Card and a PC Adapter Card. The removable miniature card, the Olympus PC Adapter Card (for PCMCIA slots) and DSS Player allow users to easily move audio files to a laptop computer and conveniently share information with co-workers. The cable is for enrollment of ViaVoice transcription and for audio transfer to a computer where a PCMCIA slot is not available.

The D1000 expected street price is $299.00. Extra 2MB cards have an expected retail price of $49.00. 4MB cards have an expected retail price of $99.00. A miniature card Reader/Writer is an optional accessory for a PC using its parallel port for a suggested list price of $270.00.