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Olympus Introduces the Centurions Advanced Photo System Format Auto Focus SLR

The latest release builds on the many advantages of the original Centurion launched in September 1996. The first Olympus AF SLR for the Advanced Photo System format featured a 4x zoom lens, as well as a compact, lightweight design.

Combining high performance and easy operation, the CenturionS SLR also has a built-in 4x zoom lens—a key to its outstanding image quality. Opening up new possibilities, the latest model's MRC system offers more creative freedom. Photographers can use it to change the film according to the subject, or they can share the camera with friends by using different cartridges. They can also switch from color slide to color print film or change to the film with the most appropriate ISO for the conditions at hand.

Like the original Centurion, the latest model measures 4.6" (W) x 3.3" (H) x 4.4" (D) and weighs 16.1 ounces (without batteries). It has the sophistication of a lustrous pearl-silver finish—the first Olympus camera to come in this distinctive color. And the elegant design is highlighted by the crisp, flowing lines of the retractable flash unit.

The CenturionS's Direct Mode Select button makes it easy to choose the exposure mode best suited to the scene. A range of versatile flash modes can fit any situation, and the exclusive Super FP flash enables synchronization of the flash even at fast shutter speeds.

Operation is simplified by the cluster of controls on the back of the camera. To ensure the LCD panel is always easy to read, it is evenly backlit for checking information in the dark.


Midroll Change System
The CenturionS's Midroll Film Change (MRC) system gives photographers greater freedom to express their creativity.

  • They can use the same film cartridge for a particular theme.
  • Other people can insert their own film cartridge in the camera.
  • Films with different characteristics can be easily changed -- including color slide, color print, various film (ISO) speeds.

Pearl-Silver Finish
The CenturionS is the first Olympus camera available in a distinctive pearl-silver color. With its feeling of intelligence and sophistication, the lustrous finish helps to create pride of ownership.

Compact and Lightweight
This Advanced Photo System SLR remains compact and lightweight, even through it has a built-in zoom lens and midroll change system. It measures 4.6" (W) x 3.3" (H) x 4.4" (D) and weighs only 16.1 ounces.

High-Resolution 25-100 MM 4X Zoom Lens
The zoom lens covers the range from wide-angle of 25 mm to a telephoto setting of 100mm—equivalent to 31-125 mm capability of a conventional 35 mm camera's zoom lens. The full-range Auto Macro function enables a close focus of 2 feet, at any focal length. To ensure high-resolution results, the Centurion S has a large-diameter aspherical glass lens and a hybrid asperical lens.

High Performance AF System
About four times more sensitive than conventional sensors, the CMOS line sensor delivers improved autofocusing performance. It is well suited to a wide range of lighting conditions. With great low light sensitivity the Centurion-S, can pick out subjects in the dark. With this exceptional accuracy even when they are imperceptible to the human eye.

Magnetic Information Exchange (IX)
The CenturionS has a magnetic head that automatically records shooting data on the film. Including the date, frame format and other details, this information can be used by film processors to improve print quality.

Direct Mode Select Button
Just by pressing the Direct Mode Select Button, photographers have the settings needed for the picture they have in mind. With four shooting modes suited to a range of situations, this function ensures the most appropriate exposure. It is an easy way to take full advantage of the high performance offered by a full featured SLR.

The Four Shooting Modes Follow:

  • Stop Action mode
    To freeze fast-moving subjects, the camera automatically picks the fastest shutter speed available up to 1/200 sec.
  • Portrait mode
    The background is blurred to emphasize the subject in the foreground. The flash can be used at shutter speeds up to 1/2000 second.
  • Night Scene mode
    The shutter speed is slowed to as long as 4 seconds to capture the background while the flash exposes the subject in the foreground.
  • Landscape mode
    Capturing the details of both the foreground and background, this mode is ideal for landscape photography.

Versatile Flash Modes
To make sure the exposure comes out just right, the Intelligent Variable-Power Flash system automatically determines the intensity of the flash and the aperture setting according to the distance to the subject. With this system, even close-up flash pictures are properly lit.

  • Auto
    The flash fires automatically in low-light or backlight.
  • Red-Eye Reduction
    Before the main flash fires, a series of pre-flashes reduce the red-eye effect.
  • Fill-In
    The flash always fires in this mode.

Super FP Plash (Portrait mode only)
When the Portrait mode is selected at a high shutter speed (1/125-1/2000 sec.), the Super FP flash will illuminate the subject while selecting a faster shutter speed. subject in the foreground and the background -- a particularly important advantage in backlit conditions. By capturing the details of the subject and blurring the background, this exclusive feature makes it easy to take professional flash portraits in daylight. It also eliminates the shadows on the face created by side-lighting, and it gives the eyes attractive sparkle.

Backlight Compensation
With a press of the exposure compensation button on the back of the camera, the aperture can be adjusted +1.5EV. It is extremely useful in backlit situation, especially in a landscape shot where the subject is beyond the flash range.


Control Panel
To simplify operation, all the major control -- including the Direct Mode Select and flash mode buttons, the zooming lever and the LCD panel -- are grouped together on the back of the camera. For added convenience, the date is displayed on the LCD panel.

Backlit LCD Panel
The uniform backlighting of the LCD panel makes it easy to read in the dark.

Diopter Adjustment Dial
Located on the side of the eyepiece, the Diopter Adjustment dial can be used to sharpen the image in the viewfinder. The dial has a dioptric correction range of -2 - +1 diopters.

Optional Remote Control
With its optional, weatherproof remote control RC-200, the shutter can be triggered from as far as 16 feet away.

The CenturionS has a suggested list price of $728.00.

If more information is needed or if you need a photo or transparency, please contact Marlene Hess at ph: 516-844-5195, or fax 516-844-5262 or browse the Olympus Web Site: http://www.olympus.com.

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Fully automatic autofocus Advanced Photo System single-lens reflex camera
with built-in 25 -100mm zoom lens.
Film Format:
DX240 cartridge film for the Advanced Photo System
Print Type:
Three selectable types (C,H,P) with the magnetic IX (Information Exchange) function
Olympus lens (filter available, 46mm filter diameter), 25 - 100mm F4.5 - 5.6, 11 elements in 10 groups, including two aspherical lenses. Equivalent 35mm focal length: 32- 125mm.
Electronic control system, vertical travel focal plane shutter. Shutter speeds: 4 sec - 1/2000 sec.
Flash-shutter Synchronization
Under 1/125 sec. Synchronizes at all shutter speeds up to 1/200 sec. in Portrait mode.
TTL phase-differential detection system autofocus with focus lock. Autofocus beep available. Auxiliary flash activation in low-light.
Focusing range:
2 ft. to infinity (3.8ft to infinity in Landscape and Night modes).
Single-lens reflex system, C,H and P print type selection. Magnification ratio: 0.87x (at 50mm)
Viewfinder Range:
93% of actual field in H frame format
Diopter Adjustment:
-2 - +1 dippers
Viewfinder Information:
Autofocus frame, AF indication, flash indicator (to be used as flash warning) Light Metering System:
TTL system with fuzzy logic ESP light metering, center weighted average light metering, spot metering
Exposure Modes:
Programmed AE: Full Auto, Stop Action, Portrait, Night Scene, Landscape modes.
Exposure Compensation:
Backlight compensation: +1.5 EV
Exposure Counter:
Progressive type LCD panel display.
Film Speed Range:
Automatic setting. Range: ISO 25-3200
Film Advance:
Automatic film winding
Film Rewinding:
Automatic rewind at end of roll. Mid-roll rewind possible.
Electronic self-timer, approx. 12 second delay.
Remote Control (optional):
Infrared remote control unit, 3 second delay.
Flashmatic output control. Manual pop-up flash. Recycling: Approximately 0.2-3.5 sec. (at normal temperature)
Flash Range:
Wide 0.6). Flash working range: Wide-angle - 2.0 - 20.4ft., Telephoto - 2.0 - 16.1ft., with ISO200 color negative film; Wide-angle - 2.0 - 30.0ft., Telephoto - 2.0 - 23.0ft. with ISO 400 color negative film.
Flash Modes:
AUTO (Automatic flash activation in low-light and backlight)
AUTO-S (Red-eye reducing, otherwise same as Auto)
FILL-IN (Forced activation)
OFF (No flash, when flash is retracted)
SUPER FP (Portrait mode only)
Data Recording:
Recording system using magnetic IX:(Information Exchange) function.
Type of Data Recording
1) None, 2) Year-month-day, 3) Year-day-month, 4) Day-month-year, 5) Hour-minute
Status Display:
Illuminated LCD Panel.
Battery check:
Displayed on LCD Panel.
Power Source:
Two 3V Lithium batteries (CR123A or DL123A)
4.6" (W) x 3.3" (H) x 4.4" (D)
16.1 oz (without batteries)

Specifications are subject to change without notification.