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Olympus Introduces The Solution for Standardized Medical and Surgical Endoscopy

Orangeburg, NY, May 17, 2006 - Olympus, a global leader in designing and delivering advanced and innovative healthcare solutions, has launched the EVIS EXERA II™ Universal Platform, the first integrated video system designed specifically for application across all medical and surgical endoscopy.

Olympus’ Universal Platform offers clinicians the convenience of selecting the most appropriate scope for their needs for a variety of endoscopic procedures and provides enhanced visualization with high-definition technology and exclusive image processing techniques. The EVIS EXERA II™ system is designed to produce an impressive 1080 lines of resolution, giving more than four times the number of pixels used in conventional video systems. This increased pixel density produces a smooth, breathtaking image with an amazing level of detail and color reproduction. In addition, the new image processing technique, otherwise known as Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI), manipulates the interaction of light and tissue, thereby improving visual contrast on mucosal surfaces during endoscopic observation of the gastrointestinal tract. The result is remarkably clear views of anatomical structures and fine capillary patterns of the mucous membranes, which are normally difficult to distinguish.

The EVIS EXERA II™ also extends beyond advanced imaging performance techniques by increasing efficiency. The flexibility of this unique system allows equipment to be deployed more effectively throughout the hospital, when compared to the use of multiple systems, thereby maximizing its operation. In addition, the use of a single Universal Platform eliminates the need to train staff on multiple systems and maintenance procedures. This level of standardization streamlines maintenance provisions and reduces infrastructure costs, thereby improving efficiency for service providers and customers alike.

The introduction of the Olympus EVIS EXERA II™ Universal Platform epitomizes Olympus’ long-standing commitment to the development of breakthrough endoscopic products. Equipped with advanced functions available for endoscopic observation, EXERA II™ provides the gateway to a new era of progress and efficiency in endoscopy, and offers clinicians a new experience in performance, functionality, and usability.

About Olympus Surgical America

Olympus Surgical America is an operating division of Olympus Surgical & Industrial America Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation, Japan. Olympus Surgical America is an important part of the global Olympus network, with specific responsibility for the sales and marketing of surgical endoscopy equipment for distribution in the United States and Canada. With a focus on innovation and quality, Olympus provides healthcare professionals with safe and effective instrumentation to help improve clinical outcomes for the benefit of patients.