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Olympus DP72 Camera Offers High-Speed 12.8 Megapixel Image Capture and Transfer with Outstanding Color, Enhanced Connectivity

CENTER VALLEY, PA., September 17, 2008 – The Olympus DP72 Microscope Digital Camera combines the fastest high-resolution image capture and transfer rates available with the optimum performance of Adobe® RGB image display for high-fidelity color reproduction, delivering unsurpassed performance in its class for both research and clinical applications.

The DP72 captures a 12.8 megapixel, 4140 x 3096, full-resolution image with outstanding color fidelity, clarity, and detail in under 2.5 seconds, and can capture streams of high-resolution live images at 15 frames per second (fps). Importantly, it offers a choice of Adobe RGB and sRGB displays for broader color reproduction and enhanced performance, a PCI-Express (PCI-E) interface for faster uncompressed image transfer (24 bit), and optional laptop connectivity for maximum flexibility.

With its brilliant color reproduction, the camera is optimized for researchers doing fluorescence imaging with dimly fluorescing specimens and for pathologists, who require the best possible color fidelity for diagnostic purposes.

“This is the latest in the very well-received DP color camera series,” said Christopher Higgins, Clinical Digital Imaging Marketing Group Manager at Olympus America’s Scientific Equipment Group. “The DP72 incorporates the best imaging performance in its class with easy-to-use software, and the sensitivity, connectivity, and versatility of cameras that cost much more. The best just got even better.”

The DP72 achieves 12.8-million-pixel resolution with pixel shifting technology. It is cooled by a Peltier element to a maximum of Ta-10℃. With its high-sensitivity 2/3 inch 1.45 million pixel CCD, equivalent 1600 ISO sensitivity, low noise, and piezoelectric motor, it provides fast, reliable performance.

The choice of Adobe RGB or sRGB offers maximum versatility. Adobe RGB is a color space with far broader color reproduction than sRGB, as defined by the international IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard. Although color in every region is broadened, colors in the cyan/green region are particularly enhanced with Adobe RGB performance, making the camera a good choice for live cell imaging.

Uncompressed, fast image transfer is available using PCI-E, a serial transfer interface that allows much faster data transfer, particularly for large, uncompressed image files. With this interface, connectivity to a PC laptop is available.

The camera’s easy-to-use software, which can also be used to operate Olympus motorized microscopes, is intuitive and helps streamline workflow with a customizable toolbar for enhanced control over image acquisition and management. Measurement functions and image stitching are available. The DP72 features a standard C-mount for attachment to most microscopes, and sports an elegant black matte casing with a sleek platinum stripe.

For more information on the Olympus DP72 microscope camera, contact Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, PA 18034-0610; phone 1-800-455-8236; visit http://www.olympusamerica.com/seg_section/product.asp?product=1016 or email: microscopes@olympus.com.

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