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Olympus FluoView® FV10i Compact, Self-Contained Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope is “Out of the Box” in Multiple Ways

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., December 15, 2008 – The Olympus FluoView® FV10i, the latest innovation in the powerful FluoView confocal microscope system series, is the first commercially available self-contained confocal laser scanning microscope system. Engineered to work “right out of the box,” the high performance system is primarily contained in a compact main unit with multiple integrated functions including a laser combiner, imaging system, anti-vibration platform, and more.  The FluoView FV10i system comes complete with a 27-inch monitor and other accessories for total functionality.

This biologist-friendly integrated microscope is designed with scientists in pharmaceutical, clinical, stem cell, cell biology and other laboratories in mind.  It is perfect for individual users, smaller biological facilities, labs where a confocal specialist is not always available, and any user who needs to do confocal imaging of living cells and tissues.  It offers top-quality Olympus UIS2 objectives for peak optical performance, in the smallest confocal laser scanning microscope footprint available, all with no darkroom or anti-vibration table necessary.  The low-cost spectral system can be delivered immediately and offers almost instantaneous set-up with very little training required.

“This is in many ways the confocal system that biologists have requested for years,” said Dennis Donley of Olympus America’s Scientific Equipment Group.  “It is ‘out of the box’ thinking of the best kind: instant setup, intuitive performance, small footprint, no special training, cost effective, darkroom-free, and world-class results.”  

To use the system, researchers simply insert the specimen and follow easy, step-by-step guides offered on-screen.  Images are saved automatically, and the system has fail-safe mechanisms to help preserve living cells if the user walks away temporarily.

The FV10i system can capture images from 10x to 600x magnification, with high-performance 10x and 60x objectives and a digital zoom.  The system comes equipped with four compact diode laser units, each with its own laser, for longer life and power savings.  Its scanning detector automatically sets conditions according to the particular fluorescence dye being used, so that imaging is performed under ideal conditions for each fluorescence probe.  Because the microscope body, scan unit and light-tight cover are fully integrated, the system can be used with ease in just a small corner of a brightly lit laboratory.  There is also an optional version of the instrument specifically designed for time-lapse imaging.

For more information on the Olympus FluoView FV10i self-contained confocal laser scanning microscope system, contact Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley PA 18034-0610 USA; phone 1-800-455-8236; visit www.olympusamerica.com/FV10i or email dennis.donley@olympus.com.

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