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MetaMorph® for Olympus Software Meets Most Demanding Microscopy Image Acquisition and Analysis Needs

CENTER VALLEY, PA., December 17, 2008 – MetaMorph® for Olympus software offers robust image capture, viewing and analysis capabilities for research microscopy, along with exceptional flexibility and ease of use.  The new platform brings together two powerhouse companies in the field of research imaging:  Olympus, renowned for its microscope optics, functionality and support, and MDS Analytical Technologies, whose MetaMorph® software already has more than 10,000 citations in research literature.  Researchers can now purchase Olympus microscopes and MetaMorph® software in one convenient, comprehensive package, which will be supported through Olympus’ nationwide technical assistance center based in Center Valley, Pa. 

The software is compatible with a wide variety of the most widely used CCD cameras and accessories, and offers multiple configurations to meet a variety of needs.  Basic users will appreciate its streamlined functionality for image capture and viewing with both fixed and live cell applications, while advanced users may demand all of the software’s comprehensive image acquisition, viewing and analysis capabilities, including patented high-speed device control, morphometry analysis, ratio imaging, time lapse imaging, deconvolution, object tracking and more.

 “Olympus is delighted to provide a broad solution together with MetaMorph®,” said Osamu Joji, Olympus America's Vice President and General Manager for the Scientific Equipment Group.  “MetaMorph® software has an international reputation for outstanding image analysis and a broad spectrum of capabilities.  No microscope has more flexibility, with multiple access ports for accessories, than Olympus.  The fusion of optical performance, flexibility and capability makes this a very powerful combination.”

“Olympus has a reputation for leadership and technology advancement, and its microscopes are widely used in neuroscience, cell biology and other research and clinical fields,” said Andy Boorn, President of MDS Analytical Technologies. “With its reputation for service, reliability and outstanding optics, and its growing position in the microscopy field, we feel Olympus is an ideal affiliate for MetaMorph® software products.”

Acquisition is fast and easy, integrating the microscope, software and various hardware devices into a single, easily-customizable interface. The advanced image display and processing toolbox includes everything from background subtraction and shading correction to morphology filters and an interactive 4D Viewer. Image analysis capabilities range from simple intensity logging to advanced morphometry analysis, colocalization, FRET, 3D measurements and more. Additional wizard-like modules handle advanced tasks like counting nuclei or assessing cell cycle phases. Custom toolbars and menus provide quick access to commonly used menu options, taskbars, and journals. In addition, a powerful journaling feature allows automation of multiple functions for push-button simplicity.

For more information on MetaMorph® for Olympus software, contact Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley PA 18034-0610; phone 1-800-446-5967; visit www.olympusamerica.com/metamorph or email metasales@olympus.com.

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