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Olympus DP21® HD Microscope Camera Offers Unprecedented Performance for Presentations and Conferences

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., November 4th –Pathologists and researchers often use images in presentations and case conferences, but until now, most of the cameras available to them were not designed to optimize the presentation of their findings.   Today, the days of endless focus adjustments, jumpy live images, poor color fidelity on screen, and awkward fumbling with software are gone, thanks to the new Olympus DP21® high definition (HD) microscope digital camera.

Designed to bring presentations to life with powerful real-time HD image display, easy operation and remarkable color reproduction, the DP21 is the latest in the highly successful line of Olympus DP microscope cameras.  It easily connects to monitors or projectors to deliver live, high-definition UXGA (1600 x 1200) images at a smooth 15 frames per second (fps).  The image quality remains high and the presentation continues to look polished, even when the observed site is shifted rapidly or focus changes.
Colors have never looked clearer or brighter, thanks to the DP21’s ability to display 16.70 million colors at UXGA resolution. Faithful color reproduction is vital for easier recognition of minute structures and cellular detail, and users appreciate the fact that images displayed on the system’s monitor are comparable to those viewed through microscope eyepieces.
Operating the camera is simple; to give presenters maximum flexibility, the DP21 operates via a convenient hand-held unit.  The user just turns on the unit, and, in three clicks of the small handset, captures high definition images that are ready for review. For users who want PC connectivity for easier note taking, archiving, or integration of images in papers, connecting via USB port is simple, and optional software allows the camera to be controlled via computer. 

Framing and focusing are virtually effortless.  Both a 2x and 4x electronic zoom with panning are included, along with a calibrated scale bar and numerous basic measurement functions.  The DP21 accommodates most common image file formats and offers a choice of metering modes.

Optional CellSens™ software is designed to integrate the camera with a PC. With it, doctors and researchers can access such helpful features as automated camera and microscope control, image display, more advanced measurements, and one-button movie capture.  A fully customizable, easy-to-use tabbed interface makes more advanced functions easy to access.

For more information on the DP21 high definition microscope digital camera, visit www.olympusamerica.com/DP21 or contact Alex Czernik, Olympus America Inc., at alex.czernik@olympus.com

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