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Olympus introduces New Affordable Line of 35mm, Compact Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Las Vegas, NV—Olympus America Inc., the world leader in film and filmlesss photography, is proud to introduce the TRIP XB400 and the TRIP XB40AF QD compact cameras. This stylish, ultra-lightweight, easy to use line of cameras has everything needed for the leisure photographer, including an extra large viewfinder.
Targeted to the consumer who appreciates high quality without high prices, the TRIP camera series is the perfect answer to those expensive disposable cameras. Light enough to carry in a coat pocket and stylish enough to be a hit at the high school prom, the TRIP is an excellent introduction to the world of photography.
The new TRIP series continues the Olympus commitment of providing consumers with a full line of compact cameras de signed for individual needs and budgets. The cameras offer:
  • Larger viewfinder - enabling a high-magnification image and a bright natural field of view, making composition much easier.
  • Automatic Film Advance and Rewind - the camera automatically loads and advances the film to the next frame, and rewinds automatically upon completion.
  • Red-Eye Reduction Lamp - helps eliminate disconcerting red-eye.
The Trip XB400 and TRIP XB40AF QD is available at suggested retail prices of $49 and $72 respectively.