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Voice Activation Feature, Calendar Search Function and Built-in Stand

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 9, 2012 – Olympus, the world’s number one manufacturer of portable digital voice recorders and professional dictation devices, has launched the new VN-702PC audio recorder, built for simple and easy note-taking in the classroom or at work. The Olympus VN-702PC features VCVA which is Voice-Activated Recording which eliminates “dead air,” creating seamless recordings that are ideal for transcription. The Olympus VN-702PC boasts PC download via USB, records in both MP3 and WMA formats and offers 2 GB of internal memory and records up to 823 hours. The devise is compatible with microSD memory cards up to 32GB, allowing even longer recording sessions.  

“The Olympus VN-702PC really simplifies the tedious process of taking and transcribing notes,” said Amy Leslie, Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “Features such as Voice Activation are a time-saver for any student, teacher or businessperson and the heightened audio quality enables the best recordings possible.”

The recorder is equipped with a high-performance monaural, omni-directional microphone that collects sounds clearly from all directions. The improved microphone signal to noise ratio enables clearer voice recording.
The Voice-Activated Recording feature begins recording when audio is detected and the device will stop after a prolonged period of silence. The recorder will immediately begin recording again when sound begins again. The result is a seamless recording free of dead air. This is a huge time saver for users who need to transcribe recordings for meetings or class notes. No more fast forwarding, combining multiple audio files or waiting for the action to pick up again.

Another useful feature for taking notes is a built-in stand. It works much like a kickstand and allows users to read the menu without having to look down at the recorder and eliminates undesired noise from the placement surface. A Calendar Search feature makes it simpler to find audio files by organizing them according to recording date.

The Olympus VN-702PC captures stereo sound with an external condenser microphone and can record in both MP3 and WMA formats. Files can easily be downloaded to a computer via USB. It’s equipped with 2 GB of internal memory resulting in over 850 hours of recording and has a microSD card slot with the potential to hold up to 32 GB of additional memory.

All of these features are clearly displayed on a 1.61-inch backlit LCD screen.

The Olympus VN-702PC digital audio recorder will be available in March 2012. It will include a carrying case, two AAA alkaline battery, a USB cable, an instruction manual and an Olympus warranty card.

For a complete list of specifications, visit: www.getolympus.com

VN-702PC Estimated Street Price: $59.99

Journalists interested in more information about the Olympus VN-702PC digital recorder, review units and high-resolution images should contact David Saba, Spark, (484) 821-0920 x705, or Jennifer Colucci, Olympus Imaging America Inc., 484-896-5719, or visit http://asset.olympusamerica.com/login/.

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