Olympus America


Q?rius Unlock your world


Q?rius is a first-of-its-kind interactive and experimental environment. Through hands-on displays that include a variety of Olympus microscopes, visitors can unleash their curiosity and explore specimens from around the world. Students and families alike will have the opportunity to investigate real research questions by working with authentic objects that come from the Smithsonian archives — a collection that numbers in the millions.

Users will be coached and supported while using the equipment by Smithsonian scientists and trained volunteers, whom are scientists themselves and trained on the microscopes. Included in the equipment donation are stereo microscopes, inverted or upright microscopes, and even a DSX Opto-digital imaging system. All of which will allow the capture of images that then can be analyzed and even shared online to enable people to participate in aspects of the Q?rius experience from anywhere.

For more information about Q?rius, visit http://qrius.si.edu.