Olympus digital cameras aren’t just about impressive results. They’re not just about innovative features. And they’re not just about stylish designs. Olympus digital cameras are about “the experience” – the experience of being creative; the experience of being free; the experience of being yourself.

Now Olympus is further expressing its commitment to digital photography and all that it envelops by helping to bring “the experience” to you in another exciting way, teaming up with the creators of the popular Day in the Life series of photo books for a groundbreaking digital event, America 24/7, an event you yourself can participate in.

Beginning May 12 – 18, 2003, professional and amateur photographers alike from across the U.S. will be taking digital images of America as they see it in the hopes of having the pictures published in a 320-page photo book to be released this November. Additional digital images will comprise another 52 photo books, one representing each individual state along with one for New York City and one for Washington, D.C., to be offered in November 2004.

As part of the event, America 24/7 will equip – care of Olympus – 1,000 professional photographers with the state-of-the-art
C-5050 Zoom digital camera to assist them in the week-long endeavor, said to be the largest collaborative photography event in history. Along with these professionals, everyone – including you – can participate, submit images, and have a chance to be published in one of the upcoming books. It’s a unique and exciting opportunity for everyone who gets involved to be a part of photographic, and American, history.

So pick up your Olympus digital camera, or any digital camera for that matter, and help share the digital experience with the rest of the nation. And show those not yet part of the digital revolution all they are missing. To take part, just log on to the America 24/7 web site at www.america24-7.com, register for the event, and find out everything you need to know to enjoy this unique experience.

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