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A wider field of view ensures you donít miss anything or anyone in your shot. Great for shooting indoors, landscapes, group portraits and amazing panoramic pictures.
Face Detection tracks your subjects' smiling faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures.
Digital Image Stabilization helps prevent low light or fast moving subjects from blurring your images. Get sharper images with high ISO and fast shutter speeds.
Always get the best shot with 17 Shooting Modes. The preset Shooting Modes optimize your camera's settings for sharp, brilliant photos. Modes include Portrait, Sunset, Night Scene, Sports, Landscape and many more.
Using a live, multi-frame window on the LCD, Perfect Shot Preview lets you see the effects of exposure compensation before you shoot, so you can always capture the perfect shot.
Makes it easy to compose and review your shot. Plus, the LCD Backlight Boost Button increases the brightness of the LCD for even better visibility outdoors.
Capture and share your fondest memories in full motion using AVI Movie with sound.
Get superior image quality with a high-resolution 8-megapixel CCD. Make large prints, or even crop, without losing detail.
Correct shooting mistakes instantly. With the touch of a button, lighten up shadows and remove red-eye so a less-than-perfect shot can still turn out perfect!
Learn as you go. The In-Camera Help Guides provide a brief description of camera settings and features, conveniently displayed on the LCD, at the push of a button.
The Backlight Boost Button increases the brightness of the LCD for even better visibility in bright light.
Program Auto Mode gives you greater creative control so you can adjust settings like white balance and ISO.
Quickly and easily find your favorite images. My Favorites is an in-camera album that stores your favorite images so you can easily share them with friends and family.
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