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FE-5020 Features

  • 12 Megapixel
    Create poster-size prints without losing any detail and enjoy superior image quality thanks to a high-resolution, 12 Megapixel CCD.
  • 5x Wide-angle Optical Zoom
    A 5x super wide-angle optical zoom lens puts you right in the middle of the action—without ever getting in the way. Get closer to the action with this ultra-compact, precision-crafted Olympus lens.
  • 2.7" LCD
    There's a big, bright, 2.7" high-resolution LCD for your viewing pleasure. The Backlight Boost Button gives the LCD enhanced visibility in direct sunlight.
  • xD / microsSD Cards
    xD-Picture Card compatibility along with an optional adapter for microSD memory cards take the FE-5020 into new realms of electronic storage.
  • AF Tracking
    With AF Tracking, the camera automatically tracks moving subjects and continuously adjusts the focus and brightness to capture them sharply with ease.
  • Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment
    The camera's Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment technology automatically adjusts the camera's settings based on what it sees to keep both the subject and the background clear and in focus.
  • Advanced Face Detection
    Advanced Face Detection tracks up to 16 faces and automatically sets the focus and exposure to optimize the photographic outcome.
  • Digital Image Stabilization
    With high ISO sensitivity and faster shutter speeds, you can freeze the action to capture sharp, blur-free images, with less noise, even if you or your subject is moving.
  • Magic Filters
    Magic Filters give you the flexibility and creativity to be flexible and creative with your photos by applying filter effects such as Pop Art, Pinhole or Fisheye.
  • Movie & Sound
    Get into some exciting moviemaking with the camera's Movie with Sound capabilities, and play it back on the big screen or share it with everyone on YouTube™.
  • Perfect Fix
    Correct shooting mistakes instantly. At the touch of button, lighten up shadows and remove red-eye, so a less-than-perfect shot can still turn out perfect.
  • High ISO (1600)
    Higher ISO sensitivity, faster shutter speeds and a longer working flash range allow you to capture low light backgrounds and fast moving subjects clearly day or night.
  • 21 Shooting Modes
    Getting the best shot has never been easier using one of 21 preset Shooting Modes which optimize the camera's settings for ideal results.
  • In-Camera Help Guides
    In-Camera Help Guides briefly explain all of the camera's features and functions for you on the LCD with a touch of the button.
  • TruePic III
    Developed for the professional Digital SLR, the TruPic III Image Processor delivers superior images with true-to-life color, sharper detail and less noise.
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