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FE-26 Features

  • 12 Megapixel
    12 megapixels of picture-making magic with a high-quality, high-resolution CCD. Prints won’t lose a single pixel of detail when enlarged or cropped.
  • 3x Optical Zoom
    3x optical zoom lets you get in closer to your subject or the action without the need to actually get too close yourself.
  • 2.7" LCD
    The LCD Backlight Boost Button combined with a 2.7", High-Resolution LCD improves your ability to compose and share photos with confidence, even in bright light.
  • xD / microsSD Cards
    xD-Picture Card compatibility along with an optional adapter for microSD memory cards lets you take advantage of modern electronic storage options.
  • Digital Image Stabilization
    The Digital Image Stabilization feature uses higher ISO and faster shutter speeds to capture sharp, blur-free images, even when moving subjects are the subjects of choice.
  • Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment
    Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment Technology automatically detects the kind of scene you’re shooting and adjusts the settings to achieve the best results.
  • AF Tracking
    With AF Tracking, the FE-26 automatically tracks moving subjects and adjusts the focus and brightness settings to capture those sometimes uncertain situations in sharp detail.
  • Advanced Face Detection
    Shoot fabulous, fun, family-and-friend portraits with as many as 16 people in the shot. The built-in Advanced Face Detection system keeps the faces as clear and sharp as possible.
  • Magic Filters
    Magic Filters enable you to add an impressive element of flexibility and creativity to your photo efforts by applying filter effects such as Pop Art, Pinhole or Wedding.
  • 20 Shooting Modes
    A series of user-friendly shooting modes allows you to optimize results for up to 20 different kinds of shots, including Sunsets, Indoor, Self-Portraits and Macro shots.
  • High ISO (1600)
    The high exposure capability—up to ISO 1600—minimizes blurry images caused by movement and brightens images captured in low light.
  • In-Camera Help Guides
    At the push of a button, the camera can briefly describe for you each of the functions and settings by conveniently displaying their description on the bright LCD.
  • AVI Movie
    Shoot AVI movies with ease so you capture every second of that special event.
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