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LS-11 Features

  • 24 bit/ 96 kHz linear PCM recording
    Sound thatís even better than what you hear on a compact disc. Every nuance of every note and syllable is captured and played back with a rich and resonant quality.
  • MP3, WMA & WAV Recording
    Select from one of three standard recording formats: WAV, MP3 or WMA. The availability of three compatible formats increases the versatility of decisive, on-the-spot audio recording.
  • High-Sensitivity Microphones
    Responsive Pickup, Precision Design. Two precision condenser microphones capture all the sounds with both heightened sensitivity and reduced noise. Their 90-degree outward placement achieves a wider spectrum of sound capture. And the recorderís rigid aluminum case minimizes vibration for even extra clarity.
  • 8GB Internal Memory and 23 Hours of Battery Life
    8 GB of internal memory, coupled with as much as 23 hours of battery life, provides many hours of uninterrupted recording. An AC adapter is also available.
  • SD and SDHC Card Compatibility
    An extra 32 GB of memory is available with an SD or SDHC card. Move files easily between internal and external memory.
  • Lightweight and Portable
    At just over five ounces, with an easy-to-operate interface and aesthetically pleasing design, it is a true Ďanywhere-anytimeí portable digital recorder.
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
    Two built-in 16mm round dynamic stereo speakers give the small wonder a wonderfully full and vibrant playback. Earphones can also be used.
  • Voice Synchronization
    A voice synchronization function enables automatic recording when sounds are detected at a pre-set level. Thereís auto stop, too.
  • Level Function
    Recording preferences can be fine-tuned with a Level function thatís clearly displayed, along with a PEAK indicator, on the recorderís bright LCD.
  • Index Marks
    Create Index marks during recording or playback in PCM mode to instantly locate specific portions of the recording that you want to hear.
  • File Editing
    With a new File Edit function, you can partially cut or divide your files.
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