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Product: OM-3Ti [ change ]

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  • Rugged, lightweight all-metal body is built to last
  • Wide range of shutter speeds lets you shoot at virtually any aperture, and still control depth of field
  • Center-weighted average metering ensures accurate readings
  • Set exposure values to suit the most important composition elements of your shot with spot metering
  • Compare readings in up to eight different spots of your frame
  • Highlight and shadow control let you accentuate and adjust bright or dark shot elements
Precision engineered for professional excellence:
  • Exposure accuracy to within plus or minus one quarter of a stop
  • All-mechanical shutter assures speed accuracy with two governors-one for slower speeds, one for faster
  • Fine lumi-micron matte focusing screen balances clarity and softness
  • OTF auto-flash ensures real-time exposure accuracy with filters, bounce flash or multiple flash units
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