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Technical Specs
Type: Mechanical shutter 35mm SLR camera.
Film format: 24mm x 36mm.
Lens mount: Olympus OM mount.
Shutter: Mechanically controlled cloth focal plane shutter (horizontal action).
Light metering method: Center-weighted average light metering, switchable to spot metering. Spot metering selectable in 3 modes: multi-spot, highlight-based and shadow-based methods.
Light metering range: 0EV ~ 19EV (ISO 100, 50mm f1.2).
Shutter speed range: Bulb. 1 ~ 1/2000 sec.
Flash exposure control: TTL (OTF) AUTO Flash mode:
Super FP emission (with F280 flash): synchronizes with 1/60 ~ 1/2000 sec. TTL autoflash (with T-series or F280 flash): synchronizes with 1/60 sec. or slower shutter speed.
X mode:
Super FP emission (with F280 flash): synchronizes with1/60 ~ 1/2000 sec. Manual (with T-series or F280 flash): synchronizes with 1/60 sec. or slower shutter speed.
Film speed: ISO 6~3200.
Film advance: Film advance lever with 130 angle for one long or several short strokes and pre-advance angle 30. Motor drive and winder usable.
Film rewind: Rewind crank. Motorized rewind with Motor Drive 2 possible.
Viewfinder: Viewfinder with dioptric correction.
Dioptric correction range: +1.0~-3.0 diopters.
Interchangeable focusing screens: Microprism/split image matte-type focusing screen standardized. (Fine lumi-micron matte focusing screen) Finder view-field: 97% of actual picture field.
Magnification: 0.84x at infinity with -0.5 diopter and 50mm lens.
Viewfinder information: LCD multi-mode display (60-sec. limiter). Built-in illuminator (10-sec. limiter).
Battery check: 3-level display with LED and alarm sound
Power source: Two1.5V silver oxide batteries SR44 or two alkaline manganese batteries LR44.
Camera back: Removal hinge type with memo holder. Interchangeable with Recordata Back 4.
Dimensions: 136 x 84 x 50mm (body only).
Weight: 510g (body only).
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