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One of the slimmest, most compact recorders ever produced, the DS-150 Digital Voice Recorder has 8MB of built-in memory that offers up to 160 minutes of recording time. Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) technology optimizes built-in memory by ceasing record functions when the microphone senses silence. Two folders store up to 99 messages each. Messages can be moved from one folder to another for easy organization.

Downloading speech files to the PC is a breeze. Simply connect the recorder to your computer, with the provided serial cable or optional USB data transfer kit, and select files to download. You can download the entire contents of the recorder, one specific folder or even one specific recording.

The DS-150 comes with everything needed for automatic speech-to-text document creation—including IBM ViaVoice™ speech-to-text software and a headset that lets you dictate directly into your PC. Speech recognition technology "learns" your speech patterns as you work, and can convert your recordings to text at a faster speed than recordings dictated directly into the PC.

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