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So many ways to use the Eye-Trek
- Bring to a Ball Game
- When you go to the Dentist
- At the gym
- On the beach
- In bed with your spouse
- On the airplane
- Waiting on any line
- At the DMV
- On the Subway, Train, or Bus
- In the car
- Play video games anywhere
- Review confidential information with privacy
- On the boat
- At the library
- By the pool
- In doctor's waiting room
- Late at night when you don't want to disturb anyone
- In your dorm room
- When you want to relax and have some private time
- Traveling for business
- In a hotel
- While on vacation

The secret to Eye-Trek's sharp, detailed image and comfortable, lightweight design is a remarkable free-shaped prism lens. This innovative optical technology is not only four times brighter than traditional concave optics, but also substantially lighter. It's the number one reason Eye-Trek is the leader in face-mounted displays.

But Olympus innovation is hardly limited to our lenses. Once the optics were perfected, we set out to maximize performance of the twin LCDs. By fine-tuning a high-performance optical filter, the normally conspicuous black pixel matrix is nearly eliminated, resulting in a smooth, sharp image.
In addition to the free-shaped prism and high-performance optical filter found on every Eye-Trek, the FMD-700 also includes Optical Super Resolution (OSR) technology. With OSR, each 180,000-pixel LCD generates an image equivalent to 720,000 pixels, with horizontal resolution increased to over 500 lines.

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