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m:robe 100

Product: m:robe 100 [ change ]
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows™ [ change ]

m:robe 100

Adobe Reader® is required to download these items. The program is available as a free download from Adobe's web site.

Downloads Available:
m:robe 100 Firmware Update v2.17
Provides updates including the ability to increase the volume level of the MR-100. (7/05) (4.5 MB)

m-trip Music Manager Update v1.06
Fixes bug with displaying music files in correct order when the number of tracks is larger than 800; provides faster starting and loading time for large numbers of music files; added compatibility with music files including other (non-native) languages in the music information; improved software to display the [Recently listened to] music in correct order in the music list. (8/05 - 10.3MB)

m:robe 100 Firmware Upgrade v2.13
The following will be revised by the update:
  • When updating the available track information by synchronizing with the m:trip, the startup window of the MR-100 freezes OR the LED lamp is kept lighted and power of the device cannot be turned OFF.
  • Unstable operationally with the use of a remote control.
  • Accepts special symbols such as "/" or "&" in track information entry

m:robe 100 Firmware Upgrade v2.12
Fixes various bugs in the product, such as the problem where the m:robe will hang upon startup and only display the red m:robe icon with headphones.

m:trip Music Manager Update v1.05
This update will support new remixes and themes, improved synch stability, and other various fixes and improvements.

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