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What is Dock & Done?

In addition to digital photo shooting, the Total Imaging Solution products support convenient Dock & Done photo storage, management, and printing for more carefree shooting and easy image handling. Dock & Done allows you to Dock the camera, and then organize, print, and store photos quickly and hassle-free virtually anywhere, without the use of a computer.

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Why is the camera called i: robe (IR)?

The i:robe IR-500 is a new concept digital camera that features Dock & Done functionality, sophisticated design with a white signature color, and a multi-swing display that rotates 360 for easy shooting anywhere. The "i:robe" named after a concept derived from the fact that the i:robe IR-500 digital camera allows users to "robe" themselves with their favorite images wherever they go.

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Why is the Multi-Swing Display useful?

By rotating the display, users can use it to view their subject when taking low-angle, high-angle, and a wide range of other shots. When closed, the multi-swing display also ensures carefree portability by protecting both the lens and the LCD screen. The IR-500 is the first Olympus camera to feature a multi-swing display with 360 rotation capability. It is especially useful in Self Portrait Shooting. The multi-swing display's 360 rotation capability makes it easy to shoot self-portraits as well as other people and scenery. Users can view themselves on the LCD screen while shooting, and use the camera's Self Portrait mode to ensure optimum exposures.

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There is an icon that looks like a hand with lines around it, when recording in the Movie Mode. What does this icon represent?

This icon represents Movie Mode Camera Shake Correction In Movie mode, digital camera shake correction can be applied to reduce image unsteadiness and camera shake.

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What is the size of the LCD screen on the IR-500?

The LCD screen is a 2.5-Inch High-Definition LCD. This 210,000-pixel high-definition semi-transmissive LCD monitor maximizes the advantages of both transmissive and reflective technologies to assure excellent visibility and high picture quality even when viewed in bright outdoor light.

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What is the Calendar function?

The IR-500 allows you to display pictures in a calendar. When still pictures and movies are shot, the camera automatically sets the pictures to the calendar according to the shooting date. The calendar can be displayed in three ways: as a one-month display, 12-month display, or multi-year display. Select the desired date, month, or year from each calendar display.

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What are the Custom Photo Albums?

The IR-500 allows you to create custom photo albums that can be organized in 12 separate albums for easy viewing. Each album can hold up to 100 images. As a result, users can carry their favorite photos right in the camera, and enjoy viewing them wherever and whenever they wish.

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What are the Advanced Slide Show Functions?

The IR-500 has an automatic slideshow function that provides continuous playback of stored images. A total of 9 transition effects are offered, including Normal, Scroll, Fade, Zoom Down and Random.

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How does the IR-500 achieve 30x total zoom with such a small lens?

The IR-500 has a thin body with a folded light path lens unit, which packs the 2.8x optical zoom power into the camera's exceptionally thin body. This, along with the 11x digital zoom combine for a seamless 30x total zoom.

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What are the benefits of TruePic Turbo?

TruePic Turbo is the new engine designed to be approximately 30% faster than the TruePic engine. TruePic Turbo increases the camera's start-up, shutter lag, recording and playback time and continues to deliver clear, smooth image results every time. The TruePic Turbo engine also has an advanced noise filter for better image quality.

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What is Pictbridge?

It is the standard for connecting digital cameras and printers of different manufacturers and printing out pictures directly. By connecting the camera to a PictBridge-compatible printer with the USB cable, you can print out recorded pictures directly without the use of a computer.

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What is Print image Matching (PIM)?

The printer is able to instantly identify the print specific information for each image captured, to provide superior color, quality and detail in every print. Print image Matching enabled digital cameras and printers work together to produce the best possible prints.

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What is DPOF?

DPOF is a standard format used to record automatic print information from digital cameras. You can print out pictures automatically, at home or in a print shop, by storing such data as which pictures you wish to print and the number of prints on a card.

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What is Print Reservation?

Print reservation allows you to save printing data (the number of prints and the date/time information) with the pictures stored on the card. With print reservation, you can print out pictures easily either at home using a personal DPOF-compatible printer or at a print shop that supports DPOF.

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Do I need a special USB connection cord to connect my camera to my computer?

Yes, the CB-USB4 cable (packaged with the camera) is required for downloading images from the camera. The stock number for a replacement cable is 200776. It can be purchased through the Olympus Emporium at: or by calling (800) 201-7766.

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What is the AC-Adapter that is recommended for use with the IR-500?

The AC Adapter that is used with the S-HD-100 is the A-511 AC Adapter part number 200370,and can be purchased from the Olympus Emporium at, or by calling 1(800) 201-7766.

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What type of battery is recommended for use in the IR-500?

The Olympus LI-12B (supplied) or LI-10B lithium ion battery can be used with this camera. Do not use any other type of battery. The battery is not fully charged when the camera is purchased. Charge the battery using the supplied cradle before using the camera.

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How many images can I record on an xD-Picture Card?

Quality Mode Resolution 16MB xD-Picture Card 512MB xD-Picture Card
SHQ 2288 x 1712 16 images 512 images
HQ 1600 x 1200 32 images 1024 images
Basic 1280 x 960 58 images 1856 images
Email 640 x 480 99 images 3168 images

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What are the maximum lengths of the movies that I can record on an xD-Picture Card?

Quality Mode Resolution 16MB xD-Picture Card (w/sound) 16MB xD-Picture Card (w/out sound)
Fine 640 480
(15 frames/sec.)
17 sec. 17 sec.
Standard 320 240
(30 frames/sec.)
34 sec. 35 sec.
Extended 160 120
(15 frames/sec.)
3 min. 59 sec. 4 min. 42 sec.
Super Fine Clip 800 600
(15 frames/sec.)
10 sec. 10 sec.

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What is the best situation to use each of the shooting modes?

The shooting modes are described as follows:

For shooting landscapes. Vivid reproduction of blues and greens.

For shooting both main subject and background. Vivid reproduction of blues and greens.

For shooting illuminated scenes in evening or at night. Uses a slower shutter speed than in normal shooting.

For shooting both main subject and illuminated background in evening or at night. Uses a slower shutter speed than in normal shooting.

For shooting both main subject and background indoors. Background is reproduced clearly.

Suitable for shooting fireworks at night. Uses a slower shutter speed than in normal shooting.

For shooting setting/rising sun.Vivid reproduction of reds and yellows.

For taking a portrait-style shot.

Let you take a picture of yourself while holding the camera.

For still life photography. Vividly reproduces colors of fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc.

For shooting documents, etc. Increases contrast between letters and background.

Captures fast-moving action without blurring.

For shooting snow-capped mountains, landscapes, white sand sea-scapes, etc.

For shooting under candlelight. Warm colors are reproduced.

For shooting sensitive subjects in low light conditions without a flash.

For shooting a subject through glass.

Vividly reproduce colors. Uses different way from P-AUTO (Program Auto.)

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