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Stylus 500 Digital

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How can I download images and movies from the camera to a computer?

The simplest method is to use OLYMPUS Master software to transfer the files. 

This model ships with OLYMPUS Master version 1. Complete instructions for transferring files using this version may be downloaded by clicking here.

This model also supports OLYMPUS Master 2. Complete instructions for transferring files using OLYMPUS Master 2 may be downloaded by clicking here.

To request a free download of OLYMPUS Master 2, click here. It is not necessary to uninstall OLYMPUS Master version 1 before installing and using OLYMPUS Master 2.

Note: Adobe Reader® software is required to view PDF files. It is available as a free download from Adobe's web site. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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Is the hard copy of the manual included with the Stylus 500 the only manual I have?

In addition to the hard copy manual, the CD-ROM provides a full advanced manual in PDF. Adobe Acrobat, which is provided on the CD-ROM, is necessary to view the PDF manual. The printed manual that is included with the camera is a "Basic Manual".

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The Stylus 500 claims to be weatherproof. What does this mean?

The Stylus 500 weatherproofing protection is equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IPX4. The camera will not be damaged by water splashed from any direction. The camera can be used outside in adverse weather conditions. If you are taking pictures when the camera is exposed to rain or snow, make sure that the optical components (lens, flash) are not covered with water. Water droplets on the lens may affect image quality. The Stylus 500 is designed to operate at ambient temperatures of 32º-104ºF and relative humidity 30-90%. Please note that the camera is weatherproof, not waterproof, and cannot be immersed in water. Olympus will not assume any responsibility for any camera damage caused by water getting inside as a result of misuse by the user.

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How do I set the date and time on my Stylus 500?

  • With the camera on, press the OK/MENU button.
  • Use the arrow pad to select [MODE MENU].
  • Select the [SETUP] tab and press the right arrow. Select ‘time icon' and press the right arrow.
  • Select the date format and press the right arrow.
  • Use up or down arrows to set each item and press the right arrow to move to the next item.
  • Press the OK/MENU button when you have finished entering the date and time.

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How many “megapixels” is the Stylus 500?

The Stylus 500 uses a 5 megapixel effective CCD.

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How do I turn on the camera?

The Stylus 500 has a power button on the top of the camera--push that to power the camera on.

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How do I review my pictures?

Using the Quick View Button

  • Press the QUICK VIEW button.
  • The last picture taken is displayed. Use the arrow pad to display other pictures.
  • Press the QUICK VIEW button again when you are ready to take another picture.
Using the Mode Dial
  • Turn the mode dial to the playback option (the green arrow).
  • Use the arrow pad to navigate to your picture of choice.

You can also set the camera to automatically display the last image taken. Go to REC VIEW located under SETUP in the Mode Menu.  Select ON. After taking an image the camera will now automatically display the image taken on the LCD.  Press the shutter halfway down to resume  shooting.

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What is unique about the 2.5“ HyperCrystal LCD screen?

This new LCD is designed to deliver a 160° angle of viewing so it can be seen clearly from above, from the side, and from below. Where conventional LCD displays fail to deliver clear, visible pictures under bright conditions, the Stylus 500 HyperCrystal LCD is viewable even in bright sunlight at the beach or on the slopes.

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I read that the Stylus 500 is PictBridge enabled. What is PictBridge?

PictBridge is a specification that allows for direct printing between various brands of digital still cameras and printers without the use of a computer.

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The previous Stylus Digital cameras have a “virtual mode” button, where I could select different Scene Modes. How do I access these modes on the Stylus 500?

From the arrow pad, select the up arrow (Scene) to access the scene modes.

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What scene modes are available for this camera?

Program Auto
Landscape + Portrait
Beach & Snow
Behind Glass
Self Portrait + Self Timer
Self Portrait
Night Scene
Under Water Wide
Under Water Macro
Shoot & Select 1 / U Shoot & Select

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Can I record movies with sound on the Stylus 500?

Movies with sound can be recorded using the microphone on the front of the camera. Movies can be played back with sound using the speaker on the back of the camera. The microphone can also be used to imbed audio notes in still images.

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Is a remote control available for the Stylus 500?

Yes the optional remote control, the RM-1 can be used with the Stylus 500. It can be purchased at the Olympus store at

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What is the battery life expectancy of the Stylus 500?

The supplied rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides approximately 300 images shots per charge with typical usage.

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What kind of battery does the Stylus 500 use? Does it take AA batteries?

The Stylus 500 uses a Lithium Ion (model number LI-12B) 1230 mAh rechargeable battery. These batteries are available for purchase at most retailers selling Olympus cameras or by clicking the link above. AA batteries cannot be used in the Stylus 500.

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What are the benefits of TruePic Turbo?

TruePic Turbo is the new engine designed to be approximately 30% faster than the TruePic engine. TruePic Turbo decreases the camera's start-up, shutter lag, recording and playback time and continues to deliver clear, smooth image results every time. The TruePic Turbo engine also has an advanced noise filter for better image quality.

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What should I do if I cannot focus on a particular subject?

Try the FOCUS LOCK feature. This feature allows you to focus on a subject roughly the same distance away from you, then re-compose your picture without losing that focus. Open the lens barrier fully. Look through the viewfinder at the AF Target Mark (the 4 lines in the center of the viewfinder). Position the AF Target Mark on a subject roughly the same distance away from you. Press the shutter button halfway until the green lamp lights. While keeping the shutter button pressed halfway, re-compose your picture, then press the shutter fully.

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What options do I have for more telephoto zoom?

The Stylus 500 has a 3x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom, which gives you a total zoom of 12x seamless zoom. Use the shooting mode menu to activate the digital zoom feature.

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Is there an A/C adapter available for Stylus 500? Where can I purchase it?

Yes, the D-7AC AC Adapter is available, Olympus stock number 200850. You can purchase the D-7AC AC Adapter at any retailer selling Olympus products or through the link above. Please consult the online store finder for a location near you.

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What does the dial on the back of the camera do?

This dial is the Mode Dial. It allows you to switch between shooting modes (still pictures and movies) and playback modes (allows viewing of still pictures and movies within and out of an album).

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Can I change the ISO sensitivity?

Yes the ISO sensitivity can be adjusted. The settings are, Auto, 64, 100, 200 and 400. Various scene modes will automatically adjust the ISO to compensate for the lighting conditions under which you are shooting.

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What is the “Album Entry” function?

Pictures can be stored in an album in a user-defined order. Grouping images or movies in a displayable album format allows quick and easy access to the images. There are 12 albums in the Stylus 500, each able to store 200 pictures.

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My camera comes with four different languages is there a way to add a fifth language?

Additional languages can be added through OLYMPUS Master's “Update Camera” option found within the “Online Services” menu. (An Internet connection is required for this function.) There is a warning during the installation of the additional language indicating, “Once the firmware is updated, it cannot be returned to the previous menu.” The four original languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) will remain in the camera, and the fifth language will be appended to the bottom of the menu. Once the fifth language is added, it can be changed to any one of the 12 languages available via a subsequent language download.
There is no charge associated with this download.

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I’ve added a fifth language to my menu this language is now the only option available, where are the other languages?

To access the original four languages, simply use the up arrow on the keypad to access the rest of the menu.

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What kinds of editing features are available for this camera?

There are six editing features available for the Stylus 500; soft focus, fisheye, black and white, sepia, image resizing and cropping.

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What are the two “shoot and select” modes and why would I use them?

The “shoot and select” modes allows you to select an image out of a sequence of still pictures you have taken by depressing the shutter button and storing it. This is best for shooting moving objects.

SHOOT & SELECT 1: Shoots a rapid succession of 4 still pictures by keeping the shutter button pressed. Focus is locked at the first shot.

SHOOT & SELECT 2: Shoots a succession of still pictures by keeping the shutter button pressed. The Stylus 500 will continue to shoot until you take your finger off the shutter button or until the card is full. After shooting, you will have the option to immediately delete the pictures you do not wish to keep. Focus is adjusted for each shot.

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How many images can I record on an xD Picture card?

  Quality Mode Resolution 32MB xD-Picture Card (included) 512MB xD-Picture Card
Still image (w/out sound)
Unit: shots
SHQ 2560x1920 8 shots 142 shots
HQ 2560x1920 26 shots 420 shots
SQ1 2048x1536 40 shots 652 shots
SQ2 1600x1200
48 shots
76 shots
117 shots
180 shots
779 shots
1229 shots
1879 shots
2904 shots
Still image (w/ sound)
Unit: shots
SHQ 2560x1920 8 shots 141 shots
HQ 2560x1920 25 shots 409 shots
SQ1 2048x1536 39 shots 626 shots
SQ2 1600x1200
46 shots
71 shots
104 shots
153 shots
743 shots
1141 shots
1681 shots
2458 shots
Movie (w/sound)
Unit: minutes
HQ 320x240 approx. 83 sec. approx. 1334 sec.
SQ 160x120 approx. 211 sec. approx. 3395 sec.

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In my image there is a small bright dot always in the same area of the image. What can I do?

Pixel Mapping is a feature of the camera to check and adjust the CCD and image processing functions. Locate Pixel Mapping in the camera's SETUP menu under the Mode Menu and select Start to activate it. Once Pixel Mapping is completed the Mode Menu displays. The bright dot should no longer appear in your downloaded images.

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How do I erase all my images at once?

Please follow these steps if you would like to erase all your images at once. Use the arrow keys on the keypad to navigate through the menu.


  • Turn Mode Dial to Play Back Mode (green arrow).
  • Press "OK/Menu" button
  • Select "Mode Menu">"Card" tab
  • Select "All Erase">"Yes"
  • Press "OK/Menu" button
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