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What are the main features of this model?

The VN-100 is a slim and light digital voice recorder that provides extended recording time at an attractive price point. By incorporating Code Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) technology in the Long Play (LP) recording mode, the VN-100 delivers more than 74 hours of recording time across up to 100 audio files. The SP (Standard Play) recording mode offers more than 13 hours of higher-quality sound recording. The ergonomic design and intuitive button layout make the VN-100 a valuable resource for taking notes or recording meetings and lectures.

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What is CELP?

Code Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) is an audio technology originally developed for use in cell phones. CELP works by comparing incoming sound signals to a model of human voice phonetics and saving the difference as an error report. When playing back the file, the error report is compared to the model to reconstruct the recording. The benefit is a very detailed file that employs lower bit rates and lower sampling frequencies, resulting in more efficient use of the flash memory of the recorder.

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How much recording time is available in the VN-100?

The VN-100 offers approximately 13 hours, 20 minutes of recording time in the SP (Standard Play) recording mode and approximately 74 hours, 40 minutes of recording time in the LP (Long Play) recording mode. Recording time is a measure of capacity and is not a guarantee of battery life.

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How is the VN-100 turned off?

The [HOLD] switch is the power switch on the VN-100. Set the [HOLD] switch to HOLD when replacing batteries to preserve the recorder's time and date settings.

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How is the recording volume controlled?

The recording sound level can be preset from 00 (off) to 30 (highest sensitivty)in one-step increments using the [+] and [-] buttons. It is recommended to do a test recording to preset the appropriate recording level for the situation involved. The recording level cannot be changed while recording.

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How is the playback volume controlled?

The playback sound level can be set to 00 (off) to 30 (loudest volume) in one-step increments using the [+] and [-] buttons. The volume can be changed during playback.

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Can playback speed be controlled?

Playback speed can be slowed by 25% or increased by 50% of normal playback speed. While playing a file, pressing the [PLAY] button once slows the playback by 25%, to 75% normal speed. Pressing the [PLAY] button a second time increases the playback speed by 50%, to 150% normal playback speed. Pressing the [STOP] button halts the playback and sets the playback speed back to normal.

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How are files erased?

To erase a single file:

  1. Select the file to be erased.
  2. Press the [ERASE] button.
  3. Press the [] button to select YES
  4. Press the [PLAY] button. The file will be erased.

To erase all files:

  1. Press the [ERASE] button twice.
  2. Press the [] button to select YES.
  3. Press the [PLAY] button. All files will be erased.

Erased files cannot be retrieved.

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How is the VN-100 formatted?

The VN-100 is formatted using the CLEAR function. Using the CLEAR function erases the time and date settings as well as all recorded files. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Press the [STOP] and [ERASE] buttons simultaneously for three seconds or longer.
  2. Press the [] button to select YES.
  3. Press the [PLAY] button. The recorder will be formatted.

In some instances, using the CLEAR function will reset the recorder if it performing erratically. Files deleted using the CLEAR function cannot be retrieved.

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