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Are any firmware updates available for my camera?

Use the Update Camera function in the OLYMPUS Master 2 software packaged with your digital camera to find out whether firmware updates are available for your model. An Internet connection is required to perform the operation.

For detailed instructions on how to update the camera's firmware, click here.

Note: If multiple firmware updates are available for your model, it may not always be possible to update directly from the current firmware version in your camera to the latest available version. In such cases, updates must be applied in stages. For this reason, it is recommended that, after updating the camera firmware, you immediately check again for additional updates. Simply repeat the update procedure to apply subsequent updates.

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How can I download images and movies from the camera to a computer?

Complete instructions may be downloaded by clicking here.

Adobe Reader® software is required to view the file. It is available as a free download from Adobe's web site. Click here to download the latest version.

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Which types of memory cards does this model support?

Olympus recommends Olympus-branded xD-Picture Card media for use with this model. In addition, certain microSD and microSDHC cards may be used when inserted into the MASD-1 memory card adapter bundled with this camera.

For detailed information about the proper use of the MASD-1, please review the MASD-1 FAQ. For information on caveats and restrictions to the use of microSD and microSD media with this camera, please review this file.

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What is the small, orange "card" bundled with my camera, and how do I use it?

The small, orange, plastic apparatus packaged with this camera is the MASD-1 microSD memory card adapter. The MASD-1 allows the camera to record to microSD or microSDHC memory cards as an alternative to xD-Picture Card media, which is Olympus’ preferred format.

To use microSD/SDHC media in the camera, insert a supported card into the slot in the MASD-1 adapter and then insert the adapter into the camera's memory card slot.

Memory cards are optional accessories; no memory card is included with the purchase of this camera.

For additional information regarding the use of the MASD-1 with microSD or microSDHC media in this camera, please review the MASD-1 FAQ. For information on caveats and restrictions to the use of microSD and microSDHC media with this camera, please review this file.

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Is the Olympus rechargeable battery packaged with my camera recyclable?

Yes. Olympus-branded lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries bundled with Olympus cameras can be recycled once they can no longer hold a charge.

Olympus encourages all of our customers to recycle their used electronics. As an active partner in the preservation of the global environment, Olympus has joined forces with other members of the rechargeable battery industry to fund the Call2Recycle program in the United States and Canada. This program, administered by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), educates the public on the benefit of recycling rechargeable batteries and provides collection sites throughout North America. To find a drop-off location in your area, click here.

Additional information concerning how and where to recycle electronic waste in your area can typically be found by contacting your local municipality.

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Where can I obtain a replacement MASD-1 microSD card adapter?

The MASD-1 microSD card adapter is a consumer-replaceable part and can be purchased from The Olympus Store. To order a replacement, click here.

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My memory card has become corrupted. Can Olympus help me recover the data on the card?

Olympus does not offer a data-recovery service and does not endorse any specific vendor that provides this or a similar service or product. However, please click here to learn about some options you may have for recovering images and movies from memory media.

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