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Tough TG-320

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How can I maintain the waterproof capability of the camera?

This camera loses its waterproof capability if the battery/card/connector compartment cover is open. Before using the camera, make sure that the cover is closed firmly so that the lock makes a clicking sound. Do not open the cover with wet hands, while underwater, or in a damp or dusty environment (e.g. the beach).

In addition, take the following care precautions when using your camera:

  • Follow all recommended care and maintenance instructions in the product manual.
  • After using the camera in an environment where it may be exposed to dirt, dust or sand, wash the camera using the following method:
    • Fill a bucket with fresh water, immerse the camera in the bucket with the lens surface downward and shake the camera thoroughly.
    • Press the power button several times in the water and close/open the lens cover repeatedly.
    • Shake the camera further with the lens cover opened.
    • Let the camera air dry in the shade with good ventilation.
  • Do not leave the camera in water for a prolonged period. Doing so can damage the camera's appearance and/or deteriorate water resistance.
  • Do not pour running water over the camera directly from a water faucet. Doing so can deteriorate the camera's water resistance.
  • Do not use chemicals for cleaning, rust prevention, anti-fogging, repair, etc. Doing so can deteriorate the camera's water resistance.
  • Do not leave the camera in an environment at high temperature (104 F / 40 C or greater) or very low temperature (14 F / -10 C or lower). Doing so may break down water resistance.
  • Do not apply excessive force to or attempt to peel off the rubber backing of the battery compartment cover or the connector cover.
  • If the rubber backing becomes worn or damaged, contact the nearest Olympus service center. (A charge will be assessed for replacement of parts.)
  • Olympus recommends replacing the waterproof packing and seals annually.
  • If the rubber packing of the battery/card/connector compartment cover contains dirt or sand, wipe it off before closing the cover; otherwise, water may get inside the camera.

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Where can I find information on how to use the bundled [ib] software?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about [ib] are collected here.

Detailed documentation of the software's functions is available in the application's Help file. To access the Help file, launch [ib] and choose ib Help from the Help menu.

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