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Tough TG-820 iHS

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The camera does not power on. Why?

The battery may be dead or underpowered. If the battery is completely drained, the camera will not power on when the Power button is pressed. If the battery is nearly drained, the camera may briefly display a Battery Empty error message and then power off, or it may power on and then quickly power off without displaying the error. In either case, charge the battery using the charger bundled with the camera. Be sure to properly align the arrows on the bundled battery with the arrow on the battery charger, and take care to see that the "+" and "-" signs align properly. If the battery is inserted improperly, the battery will not be charged. Please see "How do I insert the LI-50B lithium-ion battery into the camera?"

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How do I insert the LI-50B lithium-ion battery into the camera?

To load the LI-50B battery into the camera, do the following:

  1. Turn the camera upside-down and open the battery compartment door. (The door will swing up toward the center of the camera.)
  2. Push the battery lock knob in the direction of the arrow shown below.
  3. Insert the battery into the camera as shown. When the battery is properly oriented, the black stripe with the white arrows will be to the left of the OLYMPUS label and the arrows will point down into the camera.  The OLYMPUS label will face the same direction as the LCD monitor.
  4. Push the battery gently into the camera until it clicks. The battery lock knob will snap into place.
  5. Close the battery compartment door.

Note: If the LI-50B battery is improperly oriented when it is inserted into the camera, the camera will not power on.

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How can I maintain the waterproof capability of the camera?

This camera loses its waterproof capability if the battery/card/connector compartment cover is open. Before using the camera, make sure that the cover is closed firmly so that the lock makes a clicking sound. Do not open the cover with wet hands, while underwater, or in a damp or dusty environment (e.g. the beach).

In addition, take the following care precautions when using your camera:

  • Follow all recommended care and maintenance instructions in the product manual.
  • After using the camera in an environment where it may be exposed to dirt, dust or sand, wash the camera using the following method:
    • Fill a bucket with fresh water, immerse the camera in the bucket with the lens surface downward and shake the camera thoroughly.
    • Press the power button several times in the water and close/open the lens cover repeatedly.
    • Shake the camera further with the lens cover opened.
    • Let the camera air dry in the shade with good ventilation.
  • Do not leave the camera in water for a prolonged period. Doing so can damage the camera's appearance and/or deteriorate water resistance.
  • Do not pour running water over the camera directly from a water faucet. Doing so can deteriorate the camera's water resistance.
  • Do not use chemicals for cleaning, rust prevention, anti-fogging, repair, etc. Doing so can deteriorate the camera's water resistance.
  • Do not leave the camera in an environment at high temperature (104 F / 40 C or greater) or very low temperature (14 F / -10 C or lower). Doing so may break down water resistance.
  • Do not apply excessive force to or attempt to peel off the rubber backing of the battery compartment cover or the connector cover.
  • If the rubber backing becomes worn or damaged, contact the nearest Olympus service center. (A charge will be assessed for replacement of parts.)
  • Olympus recommends replacing the waterproof packing and seals annually.
  • If the rubber packing of the battery/card/connector compartment cover contains dirt or sand, wipe it off before closing the cover; otherwise, water may get inside the camera.

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