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What is DSS?

DSS is an abbreviation of Digital Speech Standard, which is one of the standards for digital voice recording regulated by Olympus, Philips and Grudig. To keep compatibility of digital voice data recorded with recorders from different manufacturers, the standard regulates the data compression method, the file format and the media for recording.

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What is the relation between DSS and voice recognition technology?

In the DSS format, high data compression ratio is realized keeping good sound quality for vice recording. Thanks to the high sampling frequency of 12 kHz at Standard Mode of DSS format, recorded messages can be converted to text using voice recognition software like IBM ViaVoice98.

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What type of battery does the DS-150 use?

DS-150 uses two of AAA alkaline batteries.

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What is the duration of batteries?

Approximately 10 hours of recording time.

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Can I use an external microphone?

Yes, there are several types available. Please go to Olympus Emporium for a full listing of accessories.

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What is the difference between formatting and erasing all messages?

By formatting, all data and information in the memory are erased and necessary information, such as file allocation table for memory management is rewritten. Erasing all messages operation simply erases all recorded messages.

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What is the VCVA (Variable Control Voice Actuator)?

In order to improve performance in long recordings, DS-150 is equipped with a voice activated recording function (called VCVA by Olympus). If incoming sound level is less than set level for more than 2 seconds, DS-150 automatically stop recording. When incoming sound level becomes more than set level, DS-150 automatically starts recording. VCVA sensitivity can be set for effective use in each environment. (When VCVA is on, the beginning of recordings might not be recorded slightly. Therefore to use a message for voice recognition, please set VCVA off.)

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What types of alarms are available on the DS-150?

DS-150 is preset to automatically generate the following alarms. You can cancel any alarms with a simple setting operation.

  • Operation alarm Sound: Beep. Condition: Sounds when the press of the REC button is accepted.
  • Record end alarm Sound: Beep, long beep, beep, long beep. Condition: Sounds when the recorder runs out remaining memory during recording.
  • Record pre-end alarm Sound: Long beep every 15 seconds. Condition: Sounds when remaining memory becomes less than 90 seconds during recording.
  • Message end alarm Sound: Low-pitched beep Condition: Sounds when the end or beginning of a message is reached.
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