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I can download the images that are stored on the SmartMedia card, but not those stored in the internal memory. How do I download these images?

In order to access images stored on the internal memory, the SmartMedia card must be removed. Once the card is removed, follow the procedure used to download images stored on the SmartMedia card.

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Where is the Reference Manual for the D-370?

The CD-ROM provides a full Reference Manual in PDF format on the CD-ROM. Adobe Acrobat -which is provided on the CD-ROM - is necessary to view the PDF manual. The printed manual that is included with the camera is a "Basic Manual".

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Can images stored in the internal memory be saved onto a SmartMedia card?

The camera has a Memory Back-Up function located in the Play menu. Please refer to the Reference Manual on the CD-ROM for this procedure.

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How do I download from the camera to my computer?

Instructions for downloading images from the D-370 are located on the CD Rom under the "Reference" under "Connecting the Camera to a PC", or at our web site

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The D-370 specifications indicate that there is an F8 aperture available. How would I be able to shoot with the D-370 at F8?

You are able to shoot at F8 by opening the lens barrier and sliding the macro switch to the Macro mode. This provides a mechanical aperture of F8. We recommend the use of this setting either when shooting close up images or when shooting images in a very brightly lit scene. Unfortunately, because the aperture is mechanical, the EXIF information is not recorded. Therefore, you can not see whether you photographed an image in the Macro mode or if the aperture has been changed. However, you can physically see the aperture close down by looking at the lens with a magnifying glass or loupe when turning the sliding the macro switch to the Macro mode.

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Do I need a special USB connection cord to connect to connect my camera to my computer?

No, this is a generic USB Type A-B connection cord provided with your camera can be found in most office supply super stores, or computer stores.

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