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D-520 Zoom

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How do I download from the camera to my computer?

Instructions for downloading images from the D-520 Zoom are located on the CD Rom under the "Reference" under "Connecting the Camera to a PC", or at our web site via

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Where is the Reference Manual for the D-380?

The CD-ROM provides a full Reference Manual in PDF format on the CD-ROM. Adobe Acrobat - which is provided on the CD-ROM - is necessary to view the PDF manual. The printed manual that is included with the camera is a "Basic Manual".

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Do I need a special USB connection cord to connect to connect my camera to my computer?

Yes, the CB-USB4 cable that comes packaged with the camera; is required for downloading images using the camera. The stock number for a replacement cable is 200 776. It can be purchased through the Olympus Emporium at or 1-800-201-7766.

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What are the compression rates for the various record modes on the D-520 Zoom?

Record Mode Recording Size (Resolution) Compression
SHQ 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1/2.8
HQ 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1/8
SQ1 1024 x 768 Approx. 1/6
SQ2 640 x 480 Approx. 1/4

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What is the battery life expectancy of the D-520 Zoom?

The battery life on alkaline batteries varies according to manufacturer and power rating. Alkaline Batteries can provide up to 100 shots with typical usage. The Olympus CR-V3 long-life lithium batteries will provide approximately 300 shots. The Olympus Ni-MH batteries would provide approximately 200 shots per charge and they can be recharged 300 to 500 times.

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How many images can be stored on the D-520 Zoom?

Quality Pixel Resolution Storable Images
SHQ 1600 x 1200 Approx. 11
HQ 1600 x 1200 Approx. 33
SQ1 1024 x 768 Approx. 58
SQ2 640 x 480 Approx. 99
All capacity figures are approximate.

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What are the file sizes for the images in various record modes on the D-520 Zoom camera?

Record Mode Recording Size (Resolution) Max. File Sizes
SHQ 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1.3MB
HQ 1600 x 1200 Approx. 418KB
SQ1 1024 x 768 Approx. 213KB
SQ2 640 x 480 Approx. 140KB

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How do you use the Pixel Mapping feature?

Press the up and down arrows on the jog dial and push the slide cover to the open position at the same time. Then press the up arrow on the jog dial to highlight “START” in the menu that appears on the LCD monitor. Press the “OK” button. The word “BUSY” and a progress bar will briefly appear on the LCD monitor. Once it disappears, the pixel mapping procedure has been completed.

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