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C-730 Ultra Zoom

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What is the difference between the C-720 Ultra Zoom and the C-730 Ultra Zoom?

The C-730 Ultra Zoom camera offers the following:

  • Longer Zoom range (10x optical zoom - 38- 380 mm equivalent vs. 8x optical zoom 40 -320 mm equivalent)
  • xD-Picture Card Media Compatibility
  • Super Macro Mode - as close as 1.6"
  • Sound available on the QuickTime Video
  • External Flash
  • 2nd Curtain Flash
  • 3 Florescent WB settings
  • OIE (Olympus Image Enlargement) mode
  • 3:2 Recording Mode (correct aspect ratio for a 4" x 6" print)
  • Four My Mode Settings instead of One
  • Self Portrait Mode
  • Adds ISO setting 64 (64 - 400 ISO range)
  • RM-1 Remote support optional
  • Audio/Video Out(NTSC and PAL)
  • Noise Reduction

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Where is the Reference Manual for the C-730 Ultra Zoom?

The CD-ROM provides a full Reference Manual in PDF format on the CD-ROM. Adobe Acrobat that is provided on the CD-ROM is necessary to view the PDF manual. The printed manual that is included with the camera is a "Basic Manual".

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How do I download from the camera to my computer?

Instructions for downloading images from the C-730 Ultra Zoom are located on the CD-ROM under the "Reference" under "Connecting the Camera to a PC", or at our web site

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Do I need a special USB connection cord to connect to connect my camera to my computer?

Yes, the CB-USB4 cable that comes packaged with the camera; is required for downloading images using the camera. The stock number for a replacement cable is 200 776. It can be purchased through the Olympus Emporium at or 1-800 201-7766.

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What do I need to attach a conversion lens or filter to the camera?

The CLA-4 Conversion Lens Adapter provides a 55mm mounting thread for a 55mm filter or conversion lens.

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Which conversion lenses can you use with the C-730 Ultra Zoom camera?

You can use the WCON-08 wide-angle or the MCON-35 macro (close-up) conversion lenses with the CLA-4 Conversion Lens Adapter on the C-730 Ultra Zoom camera.

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Can a remote control be used with the C-730 Ultra Zoom?

Yes, the RM-1 remote control (stock number 200597) is an optional accessory, that can be used with the C-730 Ultra Zoom camera.

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Can you have both the xD-Picture Card and the SmartMedia card inserted at the same time?

No, there is one slot which will accept either the xD-Picture or the SmartMedia card.

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Can I use a non-Olympus brand xD-Picture Card with the C-730 UZ camera?

Yes, however the Olympus brand xD-Picture Card offers the ability to use the Panorama function.

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How many images can be stored on a 16MB or 128MB xD-Picture Card?

Quality Mode Resolution 16MB xD-Picture Card 128MB xD-Picture Card
3:2 TIFF 2,048 x 1,360 1 frame 15 frames
TIFF 2,048 x 1,536 1 frame 13 frames
TIFF 1600 x 1200 2 frames 22 frames
TIFF 1280 x 960 4 frames 35 frames
TIFF 1024 x 768 6 frames 54 frames
TIFF 640 x 480 16 frames 135 frames
SHQ 3,200 x 2,400* 2 frames 22 frames
HQ 3,200 x 2,400* 8 frames 68 frames
3:2 SHQ 2,048 x 1,360 8 frames 69 frames
3:2 HQ 2,048 x 1,360 22 frames 181 frames
SHQ 2,048 x 1,536 8 frames 70 frames
HQ 2,048 x 1,536 20 frames 162 frames
SQ High 1600 x 1200 11 frames 90 frames
SQ Normal 1600 x 1200 32 frames 257 frames
SQ High 1280 x 960 17 frames 140 frames
SQ Normal 1280 x 960 49 frames 399 frames
SQ High 1024 x 768 26 frames 215 frames
SQ Normal 1024 x 768 76 frames 614 frames
SQ High 640 x 480 66 frames 532 frames
SQ Normal 640 x 480 165 frames 1330 frames
HQ 320 x 240 15 fps movie 48 seconds (sec. max. per movie) 6 min. 26 sec. (sec. max. per movie)
SQ 160 x 120 15 fps movie 4 min. 13 sec. (sec. max. per movie) 34 min. 01 sec. (sec. max. per movie)

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Does the camera have a terminal for an external flash?

Yes, there is a 5-pin external flash terminal on the C-730 Ultra Zoom.

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How can the 5-pin TTL connector for external flash connection on the C-730 UZ be utilized?

The 5-pin TTL connector is designed to control the Olympus FL-40 dedicated flash unit (p/n 200596). To use the FL-40 with these cameras, the optional Olympus FL-CB01 cable (p/n 200 664) and FL-BK01 flash bracket (p/n 200 666) must be used. The 5-pin TTL connector can also control a PC Sync flash or strobe system by using the optional FL-CB04 flash cable (p/n 200 661). Since this type of flash/strobe is non-dedicated, the photographer will need to manually match the flash output with the camera.

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Are there any settings on the camera that must be set before you can use the external flash feature?

Yes, set the camera mode dial to P, A/S/M or any shooting mode except the movie mode. Turn on the extension flash unit's power then select the camera's flash mode. The flash mode button on the camera controls the built-in flash as well as the extension flash. Only the built-in flash and the Olympus FL-40 extension flash can use the red-eye reduction flash mode. All flash units can use the fill flash, flash off, and slow-sync flash modes.

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How long do the provided Olympus LB-01 CR-V3 lithium batteries last?

The Olympus LB-01 CR-V3 lithium batteries will provide approximately 450 shots with typical usage (half of the images shot with flash/half without flash and minimal use of the LCD monitor).

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Are the Olympus LB-01 CR-V3 lithium batteries rechargeable?

No, the Olympus LB-01 CR-V3 lithium batteries are not rechargeable.

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What kind of batteries can be used in the C-730 Ultra Zoom?

There are lithium battery pack, AA Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Alkaline, and lithium batteries.

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Which digital camera accessory kit can be used for the C-730 UZ camera?

The Deluxe Digital Imaging Kit (stock number 200860). It includes a soft camera case, the MAUSB-10 xD/SmartMedia USB Reader/Writer, Ni-MH battery and Charger set, and the Camedia Master 4.0 Pro software.

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Can you have the back LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor on and the electronic viewfinder turned off?

If you turn on the back LCD, the electronic viewfinder will remain on while in a shooting mode. There is no setting on the camera to use only the back LCD monitor while shooting. If you playback images in the Play mode, only the LCD monitor will turn on. However, if you press the Monitor button while in the Play mode, than the back LCD monitor will turn off. The image will display only in the viewfinder LCD.

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How many pictures can be taken with a SmartMedia/ xD-Picture Card and what is the compression rate and file sizes of the image in each record mode?

Please refer to the following table:

Image Record mode Record size Compression rate(approx.) No. of cards available to record (w/o sound/ w/sound *3) File size (w/o sound) (approx.)
No. of shooting at 16MB *2 No. of shooting at 32MB *2
Still Picture TIFF 2048 x 1536 1/1 1/0 3/0 9.4MB
TIFF (3:2) 2048 x 1360 1/1 1/0 3/0 8.4MB
TIFF 1600 x 1200 1/1 2/0 5/0 5.8MB
1280 x 960 1/1 4/0 8/0 3.7MB
1024 x 768 1/1 6/0 13/0 2.4MB
640 x 480 1/1 16/0 33/0 920KB
SHQ 2048 x 1536 1/3.4 8/8 17/17 1.9MB
SHQ (3:2) 2048 x 1360 1/3 8/8 17/17 1.9MB
SHQ Enlarge *1 3200 x 2400 1/2.7 2/2 5/5 5.7MB
HQ 2048 x 1536 1/8 20/19 40/39 790KB
HQ (3:2) 2048 x 1360 1/8 22/21 45/43 700KB
HQ Enlarge *1 3200 x 2400 1/8.1 8/8 17/16 1.9MB
SQ1 High 1600 x 1200 1/2.7 11/11 22/22 1.4MB
Normal 1600 x 1200 1/8 32/30 64/60 480KB
High 1280 x 960 1/2.7 17/16 34/33 910KB
Normal 1280 x 960 1/8 49/45 99/90 310KB
SQ2 High 1024 x 768 1/2.7 26/25 53/51 580KB
Normal 1024 x 768 1/8 76/66 153/132 200KB
High 640 x 480 1/2.7 66/58 132/117 230KB
Normal 640 x 480 1/8 165/124 331/248 77KB
Movie HQ 320 x 240   48/46 sec. 96/93 sec. 340 KB/sec.
SQ 160 x 120   211/186 sec. 424/374 sec. 77 KB/sec.
*1: When set to the Enlargement Mode.
*2: The numbers of frames may differ due to the shooting conditions.
*3: In TIFF mode, you cannot record sound during shooting. You can add the sound in the playback mode.

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What is the purpose of the Histogram feature?

When taking a picture, the camera analyzes the brightness and contrast of your subject and displays it on the LCD monitor so that you can evaluate and adjust the exposure properly.

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How long can you shoot a QuickTime movie?

Please refer the following chart:

Quality Mode Shooting speed Estimated times (without sound/ with sound)
320 x 240 15 frames/sec. 48 sec./46 sec.
160 x 120 15 frames/sec. 211 sec./186 sec.

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