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P-10 Digital Photo Printer

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How do I load the paper?

You load the paper face down into the paper tray. Please take extra care not to touch the paper surface.

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The P-10 Digital Photo Printer is cropping off some of my image, how come?

The printer will crop the image due to differences in the camera and printer aspect ratio. To compensate for this leave more room in the viewfinder when framing your image.

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When installing the Windows XP driver for the P-10 Digital Photo Printer, the following message will appear, is the driver okay to install?

The Windows XP driver has been thoroughly tested. When Microsoft releases new revisions of an operating system, re-certification of the driver is needed. This is just a warning and will not harm your computer or operating system. Please continue with the installation by hitting “continue anyway.”

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What is the cost per print when using the P-10 Digital Photo Printer?

The approximate cost per print for a 4" x 6" is $.50 and for a 3.5" x 5" it is $.40 (Based on a 100 sheet pack).

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What type of printer is the P-10 Digital Photo Printer?

The P-10 Digital Photo Printer is a dye sublimation printer, using continuous tone, 4-pass printing (Yellow/Magenta/Cyan color and a protective overcoat).

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Why was dye sublimation used?

True continuous-tone dye-sublimation technology provides professional photo prints with superb color reproduction. In dye-sublimation printing, colors are not laid down as individual dots, as is done in inkjet printers.

The printer uses a four-pass ribbon, (yellow/magenta/cyan/clear overcoat). The print head heats up as it passes over the ribbon, causing the dyes to vaporize and permeate the glossy surface of the paper before they return to solid form.

The vaporized colors permeate the surface of the paper, creating a gentle gradation at the edges of each pixel, instead of the conspicuous border between dye and paper produced by inkjets. And because the color infuses the paper, it is also less vulnerable to fading and distortion over time, creating the perfect media for photo quality printouts.

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The P-10 Digital Photo Printer is PictBridge compatible. What is this?

It is the standard that allows for direct printing between digital cameras and printers of different manufacturers. By connecting a PictBridge-compatible camera to a PictBridge-compatible printer with a USB cable, you can print out recorded pictures directly without the use of a computer.

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My computer is not PictBridge compatible; do I need to get new hardware or software to be able to print?

No, by installing the supplied printer driver you can connect and print to the printer in the same manner as any other printer.

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What type of paper and ribbon does the printer use?

The P-10 Digital Photo Printer uses L-size Paper, 3.5" × 5" and Post Card paper, 4" × 5.8". The 4-pass ribbon is included with the paper.

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How many sheets of paper will the paper tray hold?

The paper tray will hold 50 sheets of either 3.5" × 5" or 4" × 6" (approx.) paper.

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How long does it take to make a print?

Printing time is approximately 44 seconds for 4" x 6" and 40 seconds for 3.5" x 5”. These times are excluding data transmission time from a digital camera or PC.

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Can I print directly from my media card?

No, you can only print from a PictBridge digital camera or a PC.

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What operating systems does the P-10 Digital Photo Printer support?

The P-10 Digital Photo Printer supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; Mac OS 10.2 to 10.3.x.

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What interfaces are supported for connection to my computer?

The connection is USB 1.1. The digital camera connection is USB Type-A and the PC connection is USB-Type-B.

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What is the duty cycle of the printer?

The duty cycle is approximately 3000 prints.

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Can the protective overcoat be turned off?

Yes, it can be turned off via the supplied printer driver.

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How long do the prints last?

Our prints are archival quality long lasting prints, and last as long as silver halide photos. Please keep out of direct sunlight and avoid exposure to heat.

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Can an image be cropped from within the printer?

No, the images cannot be cropped from a P-10 Digital Photo Printer. However, they can be cropped from any image processing software, such as Camedia Master.

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Will my prints look as good as they would if I printed them in a photo lab?

Yes, they resemble photo lab prints due to the dye-sublimation technology.

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Does the printer support ICM color profiles?

No it does not support ICM color profiles.

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How do I print a 3x5 picture?

A conversion tray (included with printer) allows the 3.5x5 paper to fit into the paper cassette holder. The paper needs to be purchased separately.

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