Dive into under water photography with Olympus Digital Underwater Housings.
The vibrant colors and endless diversity of aquatic life provide one of the richest photography experiences imaginable. The technology in Olympus Digital Underwater Housings allows divers, from beginner to divemaster, capture worry-free images of unique underwater scenes. Each Olympus housing features a large, responsive shutter button, precision zoom lever, and a tight O-ring main seal with a safety lock. Find the housing that fits your camera, and dive in!

Lesson 2: How to stabilize the camera and use autofocus

Get the underwater shots you want

To take crisp, clear underwater photos, you have to learn these two tricks: pressing the shutter button halfway to lock the focus and holding the camera properly. If you don't master these tricks, your images might turn out blurry, or you'll miss shots because you or your camera won't be ready.

The Olympus protector is equipped with a large lever type shutter and zoom lever so that the photographer can shoot underwater just by touching them lightly.

Why press the shutter button halfway?

When using an auto focus camera, you need to operate the shutter button in two steps. The first move is to depress the shutter button halfway to allow the camera to detect and fix the focal point and make other automatic adjustments. When those functions are complete a green light appears. When the green light is blinking, it means the camera is not properly focused. When shooting, compose your scene and press your housing's shutter lever halfway to focus on your subject. When you're ready, press the shutter lever all the way to take the shot.


Out of focus

In focus

Wrong way to hold camera: Holding the camera in our right hand and holding on to a rock with your left hand.

Don't shoot with one hand

It's hard to take a steady underwater picture when holding the camera with only one hand. When shooting with one hand you'll probably need to grip the camera very tightly in order not to drop it. When gripping the camera like this, it is very difficult to depress the shutter button in a smooth, relaxed manner to get the best shot possible. Single hand shooting does not provide a stable base and could cause unintentional camera shake - which will often result in blurry images.


The correct way.

Hold the camera firmly with both hands.

Try to stay at the bottom of the seabed and keep upper arms close to the body.

The correct way to hold your camera

Place the camera in the palm of your left hand. Stabilize the camera with your right hand. Keep your upper arms close to your body - imagine your left hand as a tripod. Use your right hand to carefully operate the shutter lever. When you shoot, try to exhale. If you breathe in while shooting, you might disrupt your neutral buoyancy and float up slightly. This upward motion could disturb the focus and lead to a blurry shot.


To use the product safely and correctly, please read the manual before using.

Underwater Photography Tips

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