Dive into under water photography with Olympus Digital Underwater Housings.
The vibrant colors and endless diversity of aquatic life provide one of the richest photography experiences imaginable. The technology in Olympus Digital Underwater Housings allows divers, from beginner to divemaster, capture worry-free images of unique underwater scenes. Each Olympus housing features a large, responsive shutter button, precision zoom lever, and a tight O-ring main seal with a safety lock. Find the housing that fits your camera, and dive in!

Lesson 3: Shooting in Underwater Mode

As opposed to the program auto (left), the Under Water Wide 1 Mode will flash even in a bright setting and adjusts the color balance. The blue sea in the backdrop, the side view of the fish, and the sea flower all show their beautiful colors.

You can switch from SCN to Under Water Mode using the cross-shaped key

What is Underwater Mode?

We've all seen underwater imagery in diving or photography magazines. But maybe your images don't come out quite as nice after your dives?

There is a reason to it. Digital cameras weren't initially developed for underwater use. Using your camera with the same settings as on land won't give you the results you want. It's because underwater lighting differs dramatically from above-water lighting. If you want to capture those same colors that you see in magazines, you need to set very specific camera modes. Even then, it can take years to learn to capture pristine underwater images

But there's a simple way to capture cool underwater shots. Some Olympus digital cameras have an Underwater Mode which will automatically help you capture the distinct colors of the sea. The Underwater Mode has been developed through advice from professional photographers who have shot underwater for many years. Its specially tuned modes such as Underwater Wide Mode and Underwater Macro Mode faithfully recapture the beauty of the world beneath the sea.


Here's how to use all four Underwater Modes:


The color of the sea can be captured beautifully by using the Underwater Mode.

Underwater Wide Mode 1

This is the best mode to shoot large scenes and subjects such as coral or barracuda. It is programmed to provide the best shutter speed for wide-angle underwater photography. Other parameters have been tuned to suit underwater shooting. As a result, the blue of the sea - which is considered difficult to capture - is reproduced beautifully without color overlaps.


A nano-second shutter chance can be captured without unintended movement of the camera.

Underwater Wide Mode 2

This mode is great for photographing fast-moving creatures such as dolphin or manta ray. By increasing shutter speed and ISO sensitivity, it is programmed so numerous shots can be taken in sequence without blurring. In this mode, the internal flash is programmed to be OFF, so it is perfect for photographing underwater caves or underwater seascape.


The color of the fish is bright.

Underwater Macro Mode

This mode is ideal for photographing close-ups of small creatures such as shrimp, crab or goby. When you select it, the lens will automatically adjust to macro mode. The flash will be stronger and it will capture clear, impressive shots with natural coloring.


Underwater Snap Mode

This mode is for photographing friends in swimming pools or underwater creatures in shallow waters while snorkeling. In the bright underwater world, all parameters are programmed for good contrasting images and natural colors.


To use the product safely and correctly, please read the manual before using.

Underwater Photography Tips

Enhance your underwater photography experience with these helpful tutorials. Learn proper technique for caring for your housing, explore macrophotography tips, and more.

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