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E-M10 Mark II

Product: E-M10 Mark II [ change ]
Operating System: Apple® Macintosh™ [ change ]

E-M10 Mark II

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Downloads Available:
E-M10MarkII version 1.1 --> 1.2
- Macro Flash STF-8 is supported.
- Electronic Flash FL-900R is supported.
- Improved stability of exposure when shooting videos.

E-M10 Mark II Firmware Updates Ver 1.0 to Ver 1.1
- Compatible with Olympus lens with a built-in image stabilizing function.
* The camera body recognizes the IS built into the lens, allowing for optimal image stabilizing effects.
   Not compatible with 5 axis Sync IS.
* You can get the effects of rolling stabilization from the IS function of the body, along with the effects of image stabilization from the IS function of the lens.
- Compatible with Windows 10.

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